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Press & Media Pack     HANNAH WOOD ~ Hello all, I am Hannah aka “Precious Little Worlds” is the creator and writer of the lovely friendly unique blog Precious Little Worlds that is a...

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Mary Poppins Umbrella Review
Posted By hwood83  Posted On 09-Dec-2018

  Mary Poppins Umbrella Be sure to keep yourself dry from the rain with this fantastic full size umbrella that looks just like the one good ol' Mary Poppins carried herself, complete with a parrot head handle. This umbrella also has the phrase. Practically perfect in every way' written across

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BodyRip – Fitness Equipment Review + Giveaway
Posted By hwood83  Posted On 08-Dec-2018

  BodyRip, one of the best sports equipment suppliers online, offers quality, durable, and affordable products to help you stay fit, healthy, and active. Shop tools and equipment engineered for your particular fitness needs. Presenting an extensive range of gym products, including barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, exercise mats, weight plates, and

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Spin Master – Unicorn Magic Ring Toss Game
Posted By hwood83  Posted On 13-Nov-2018

Spin Master are a global toy and entertainment company bringing together fun with enjoyment in to our homes for a great family feeling, they have done so since 1994 and have paved their way to fantastic heights and will keep on doing so for years to come.     One of

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Delivering Better Oral Health With Jack N’ Jill Kids
Posted By hwood83  Posted On 13-Nov-2018

      As a part time Dental Nurse working in a busy NHS practice it is so important to start teaching Oral Health from the very start, this includes new mum to try and reinstall this from a very young age. Our practice had a open day for parents

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Why being healthy is a resolution worth sticking to
Posted By hwood83  Posted On 01-Oct-2018

    What do you feel when you hear these words been spoken to you by others such as....... Healthy / Empowerment / Determination / Do you want some of the action and want to be in the zone well you can be all you need is a good healthy

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XO Balm – Natural Care For Stressed Skin
Posted By hwood83  Posted On 27-Aug-2018

    About the brand The Name: XO Balm was named after exo = outside of the body, XOXO = hugs and kisses, as well as Roman numerals X(10)0 = 100 uses. The Logo: XO Balm wanted to be cute as a button, literally. The Philosophy: XO Balm does not sacrifice product efficacy for texture,

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FRAW – Natural Smoothie Kits
Posted By hwood83  Posted On 26-Aug-2018

  About Fraw Smoothies  At FRAW we know you’ve got better things to do than hunt down wheatgrass on your weekends. That’s where we come in… Our ‘ready to blend’ smoothies contain more superfoods than you can shake a stick at. We freeze the ingredients at peak ripeness, within hours of

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The Micro Trike – Fun Ride For Your Kids
Posted By hwood83  Posted On 23-Jul-2018

    Micro Trike Black On your marks, get ready – relax! The Micro Trike makes tiresome pushing of the kiddies buggy along the aisles a thing of the past, because this shopping companion is foldable, making it extremely compact. Have you got some heavy-duty shopping to do? No problem,

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Race At Your Pace Fitness Challenge
Posted By hwood83  Posted On 19-Jul-2018

This month we are going Race At Your Pace! if you have not heard of it before then we have some useful information for you on what it is about. At Race At Your Pace, we’re passionate about rewarding you with more than a sense of achievement for getting outdoors, keeping

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