Unusual Bridesmaid Dresses

Unusual Bridesmaid Dresses We got married around five weeks ago and,  although ours did not end up being a "rock theme" Wedding, it's something I panned on going for but was not sure if we could pull it off in time. But if you are thinking of or are going to do the whole rock look I have got some fantastic research for you all and lots of styling ideas for your bridesmaids thanks to Coast  Traditionally there were two types of colours but nowadays we are seeing a decline in this for a more up to date modern feel. Black is one of which to make...

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Choosing The Right Wedding Photographer

      Would You Know What To Look For When Choosing You're Wedding Photographer? Think about this....... You have been planning your big day for months or for some people years but, do you know what to look for when deciding which photographer to choose, to capture your precious loving moments. What am I going to achieve from this post.... This article will give you personal accounts plus, recommendations if your in the Yorkshire area but even if your not its still a fantastic insight. What sort of wedding photographer do I want? Well this is down to personal...

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Our Wedding 24/05/15

Hello to all my readers and would like to say sorry for the radio silence on my blog and Facebook page for the last week. But we have had a good reason if you wonder "why" well I am happy to announce we got married on Sunday the 24th of May :) More pictures and stories from our big day to come!

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One Week To Go Till My Wedding!

Wow oh wow I cant believe it I will be getting Married on Sunday the 24th of May yes that's right only 6 days left ekkkkk :) In a few weeks will be doing a blog post for first time couples getting married well more of what to watch out for as it's not been an easy ride for us at all, some which I would never want anyone else to have such a wedding dress nightmare as I have been in. Kind of a survival guide. At the moment as I type fighting a chest infection and on antibiotics very worried that I...

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Serenata Flowers Gift Ideas For Weddings + Giveaway

Disclaimer- Precious Little Worlds have been sent out a item for free from Serenata Flowers  in exchange for our honest opinion for the purpose of our blog, to report back to you the viewers our findings. SerenataFlowers.com have been sending flowers and delivering smiles around the world since 2003. We pride ourselves on guaranteed fresher, finer and all-round more fabulous flowers than anywhere else on the web. Our Heathrow based 'flower emporium' receives daily delivery of freshest flowers from local and international farmers. Each of our breath-taking bouquets is personally prepared by a specialist in-house florist before being sent by courier direct to your door. This not only...

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Frozen Wedding Inspiration!

Disney's knockout hit film Frozen is huge all around the World if your getting Married and was thinking of incorporating Frozen into your Wedding well we have some great ideas for you all! Looking for Bouquets,Crystal Bouquets,Buttonholes & Corsages then this is for you.   I will be getting Married is May and yes I know Frozen theme in May? well yes why not its different up-to date new age and sure to get the kids involved.       Have you been searching the web for months like me with no luck for your desired dream Bouquet then look not further as * Love Bouquets * can help you.        ...

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The National Wedding Show Manchester 2015

  The biggest, best, and most established wedding shows in the UK We have been busy this weekend with our first visit to the wedding show over in Manchester very exciting time as I am a bride to be myself this May!   Have to say I was not sure what to expect as its our first wedding show experience,taking around 1 hour & half to get to the show I hoped to find inspiration for my own wedding and to help you if your planning your big day. On arrival you are given a bag that contains a show guide plus other leaflets to guide...

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