Autumn Themed Sensory Play

  Today as its been not so good weather we have been thinking of some sensory activities and came up with an Autumn themed sensory play.   Some of you might remember that I bought a fantastic bargain last week which was the sand & water table from Tesco's coming in at only £4.39 as a clubcard holder you could get more from your points. As £5 = £10 in value so should of been £14.39 but got it for £4.39  So I set about going to my local Country Baskets to see what I could find and sure was not disappointed as they had a huge selection...

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Learn Through Sensory Activities

If you are looking for some outdoor activities for your kids this summer then this one is sure fun. Why not combined fun & messy play together with sensory foam a fantastic way for your kids to learn and play. Why sensory play & what are the benefits  Activity such as this stimulates your young child’s senses -  touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. Also sensory play can be calming, allowing your child to engage in play activities that appeal to their senses is important.  -Sensory play gives children something new and exciting to experience - Sensory play helps kids comprehend items in their environment - Sensory play assists youth in processing and...

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