Potty Training With Hydrocephalus

We have been taking part in a campaign by Come Round in conjunction with Huggies pull ups for their potty training party. But first I will like to tell you the problems we are having in our house to do with our daughter Millie, Might sound odd but Millie is not your typical 5 year old. And yes I hear you saying "why" well she was born 10 weeks early will link the story below for you all the read when you have time. https://preciouslittleworlds.com/index.php/2013/08/04/my-precious-millie-born-10-weeks-early/ Millie is disabled with Hydrocephalus which causes lots of problems and one being toilet problems we have tried so many times and do...

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Happy 5th Birthday Millie!

  My daughter Millie turned 5 today its always a very emotional time for us all in our house as she was born 10 weeks early.    Link to my birth story  https://preciouslittleworlds.com/index.php/2014/07/06/premature-births/ The morning started well as Millie was so giddy to go downstairs as take a look to see if the birthday fairy had been. Does anyone think the birthday friary has been?   Of course she came and with her fairy dust sprinkling some birthday magic.     I have to admit left a few things too late one which was Millie cake, yes I know she wanted a Frozen cake but after seeing it was...

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Things You Should Never Say To Your Partner When She’s Pregnant

“You need to calm down.” How bad of an idea it is to tell your partner to calm down, you will learn real quick if you’re dumb enough to say it when she’s pregnant. “Are you eating again?” Your partner’s increased appetite might be starting to drain on you but is this because she can polish off 10 chicken wings before you! “You want to discuss baby names just one more time?” So you should act enthusiastic even if you’ve gone over the same names every night for weeks on end. “Why are you crying” All kinds of hormonal changes,...

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Premature Births

 Premature Births    Me and my partner (Jonathan) soon got settled into our new home and I become pregnant in June 2009 but was soon not to be as we suffered a miscarriage on 13/07/09  that's the day I had a scan about finding out the baby or (fetus) was on its way out of my body naturally as I was only around 7 weeks but it still hurt to lose something we had been trying for.   I was not right for a few weeks, but something inside gave me the strength to say "NO" I will not let...

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My Precious Millie Born 10 Weeks Early

  Millie was born at Pontefract Hospital on the 25th of March 2010 at 11.55am. She weighed 3lbs & 12oz. Millie was taken straight away to SCBU while me and my partner where in shock, I was absolutely terrified I did not know what was going on everyone swooped into the room and took her away for medical attention, I had a shower to clean myself up was shaking all over the place I just wanted to see ...   my daughter but was not allowed till they had got her in the incubator and all hooked up. We did...

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