Lush Giveaway

  Yes that's right we are bringing you a Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Giveaway + Goodies You are going to have the chance to enter this Lush Giveaway, but first this is what you could win! Lush Exclusive Kitchen item Phoenix Bubble Bar... Lush description: When Lush first started out, it arose from the ashes, if you will, of the founders’ former company, Cosmetics to Go. We had a competition for a new name. Naturally loads of people chose Phoenix but most of them spelled it Pheonix.  This Bubble Bar is helps you to arise from the ashes of your...

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Lush Product Range

  As some of my regular viewers might know I am a huge Lush fan and have been indulging in some amazing products recently. lets take a look at some of the products I have ordered over the last few months. Lush Kitchen exclusives - Lush Comforter Solid Perfume - Description from the Lush UK website:   A warming blackcurrant blanket. The Comforter fragrance has quite a history. Back in the 20th century, it started out in the Cherie Ripe Massage Bar. Its distinctively comforting element is blackcurrant absolute. If you were brought up on blackcurrant drinks as a child, or...

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My New Addiction: Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

  So the story goes something like is..... A long time ago in my teenage years I had so many problems with my skin such as Acne, Eczema even having major skin reactions that left my confidence in a vulnerable state of mind. So over years I stuck by a lot of basic products, but now I have turned 33 and in the blogging eye I have been adventurous and found some amazing items I would never of in the beginning. It all started with a trip to one of the Lush stores in Wakefield I was looking for a few things...

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