Funny Kid Pictures

Check out this Funny capture from Please pop a little share on the icons below this post to your Facebook or other social media sites to give your friends and family a laugh. Tags- +Funny & Interesting Things ッ  +Funny Pictures & Videos  +BuzzFeed +Google+ +Google UK

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Funny or stupid label instructions

Do they think we are really that stupid? "Why oh why" we all ask that question when you see label instructions on consumer goods hmmmm I wonder what they really think of us!   On Sears hair dryer:Do not use while sleeping. On a bag of Fritos:You could be a winner! No purchase necessary. Details inside. On a bar of Dial soap:Directions: Use like regular soap. On some Swanson frozen dinners:Serving suggestions: Defrost. Printed on the bottom of Tesco Tiramisu dessert:Do not turn upside down. On Marks and Spencer Bread Pudding:Product will be hot after heating. On packaging for a Rowenta iron:Do not...

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