Happy Easter

I love love to say a huge Happy Easter from our little family at Precious Little Worlds.               Oh I think the Easter bunny has left some goodies for Millie & Alfie! Hope you are all enjoying the Easter holidays and having a relaxing time,would love to know what you will be getting up to today for Easter,why not pop a comment on under this post many thanks and best wishes.

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Homemade Easter Treats

We have been very busy again at Precious Little Worlds, getting ready for Easter so today we having been baking homemade chocolate Easter eggs. You will need some Easter egg moulds, got the ones shows above from poundland Big bars of chocolate as we found out two will only really do one of the trays. Bowl /Spatula Your choice of treats to add we picked Cake Angels mini marshmallows.   All you need to do break your chocolate into small pieces and place in a suitable bowl.   place in a microwave or other method you would prefer,make sure its all completely melted and no lumps pop into your egg moulds then add your treats we did it this way as wanted to leave a few just chocolate....

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Easter Tree From John Lewis

We have been doing a few Easter posts at Precious Little Worlds this will be the second post in the Easter theme instalments so lots more to come very soon, keep your eyes peeled. Never have we done anything like this for Easter, but I have been so keen to find a little tree so that I can pop some decorations on, I have to say I almost gave up looking but came across one in John Lewis. Product information This white tree will look fabulous with decorations hanging from it. It's a wonderful tree that can be used all year round....

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Ready For Easter

So who is ready for Easter? Well, if the answer is no then take a look what you could do this year. I normally just go out and buy some chocolate eggs for the kids, but not this year as i am making my own Easter hamper baskets full of goodies. Started off by going to one of my local country baskets store which has such a wide variety of products to feast your eyes on.I was on the look out for two baskets as i wanted one for my daughter & the other for my son i eventually found two wicker Easter baskets...

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