Popstick Christmas Crafts

These popstick Christmas trees are very simple to make and look very festive.   You will need- .Popsticks (you can get them in craft shops) .Glue Gun .Jewels .Ribbon Get your kids to get involved but adult supervision is always advised as they will need help with the glue gun. Place something over your table or on the floor so you don't get your best table all covered. First take 3 popsticks with one of the sticks cut into half as shown below. place the two full length sticks together making a triangle shape with your glue gun and place a blob of glue on the top of the stick and place...

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Make Your Own Kids Christmas Hampers

  Create your very own gift basket of goodies this Christmas.....   This is the first time I have attempted to make my own kids Christmas hampers and have to say was not sure how it would go but wanted to give it a try. What I needed to stared my hamper off... .Basket £5 each from HobbyCraft  .Shredded Christmas Tissue Paper HobbyCraft .Small ribbon & bows (red/geen) HobbyCraft .Festive Bucket from The Range £1.99 .Snowflake from The Range .Roll of clear cellophane film from The Range £3.99 .Wrapping paper      My selection of Disney Frozen goodies for my daughter Millie, some are from...

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Frozen Inspired Pumpkin

  Disney's Frozen is huge at the moment and what a perfect time when approaching Halloween to go for something a little different   My two kids love Frozen everything the seen anything to do with it they go crazy,so thought about incorporating Frozen them into pumpkins. So I searched the internet and found an Olaf stencil this is the link - http://a.dilcdn.com/bl/wp-content/uploads/sites/9/2014/07/frozen-olaf-snowman-pumpkin-carving-template-craft-printable-1013_FDCOM.pdf Before you start on your pumpkin I would recommend getting are from Asda for around £4 You get the scoop and two cut out knifes plus some traditional stencils if you do not wish to make the Frozen one. First cut the top off and scoop out all the bits. You will need to...

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Sensory Bottles

  Glitter calming bottles We have been having lots of fun this weekend making some fantastic glitter calming bottles. You will need- Jars/bottles Glitter Glue Glitter (optional) Hot water Bowl Whisk There are so many different options you can do and add will show you some we did. We used small bottles for ours, so first I got some hot water and filled the little bottle with the hot water not far from the top, then tipped it out into a bowl, then squeezed some glitter glue into the bowl of hot water, then took my whisk and give it a...

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