Mental Health Awareness Week

  Mental Health Awareness Week 2014 takes place from 12-18 May. This year's theme is Anxiety. Everyone has feelings of anxiety at some point in their lives, whether it's preparing for a job interview or bringing up a child. It is normal to experience anxiety in everyday situations, however persistent and excessive anxiety can cause more serious mental health problems. Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems in nearly every country in the world and, while a low level of anxiety can be a useful motivating force, in some cases it can take over your life....

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Easter Tree From John Lewis

We have been doing a few Easter posts at Precious Little Worlds this will be the second post in the Easter theme instalments so lots more to come very soon, keep your eyes peeled. Never have we done anything like this for Easter, but I have been so keen to find a little tree so that I can pop some decorations on, I have to say I almost gave up looking but came across one in John Lewis. Product information This white tree will look fabulous with decorations hanging from it. It's a wonderful tree that can be used all year round....

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My true life story battling depression

I don't know how to start this blog post its the hardest piece I have ever had to write ! The purpose of this post is for others going through the same I have been going through , not to feel alone its not meant in any malice to anyone but a reference to how I feel and what has happened in my life. To start off - depression runs in my family , it first got hold of me when I was at high school people mocking me because I had ( ginger hair ) but was brunette , every day...

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