BKids UK Product Review

Well I'm still in shock i won the B Kids competition on bambino direct facebook site. Got a knock at the door round about 2.30 ish on Friday from the delivery man and omg it was my prize i won, would like to say thank you so much to @Bambino Direct & @B Kids . I love the amazing Watch Over Me Dream Station ,i have been after this product for a while now i was going to get it at the baby show in may but i ended up in hospital going into prem labour again but thank god...

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Nuby Bath Letters and Numbers review. I am going to do a review on nubys Bath Letters and Numbers for the bath, I previously bought some similar to these but I found the other ones I was using just seemed to be way too big and took up so much room so when the new range of nuby products came out I snapped up the opatunaity to go to a big boots store and check out the new product line from them. I must admit nuby is a very big hit in our family  . I got the Bath...

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