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BodyRip, one of the best sports equipment suppliers online, offers quality, durable, and affordable products to help you stay fit, healthy, and active. Shop tools and equipment engineered for your particular fitness needs. Presenting an extensive range of gym products, including barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, exercise mats, weight plates, and more, we equip you with the tools you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. We are genuine UK manufacturers.



As a huge Health & Fitness enthusiast myself finding the right equipment and accessories can be quite a task, but that is what I love as so many amazing brands to try out and BodyRip is one of them.

Some of my regular viewers will know that I started my weightloss journey just under two years ago, never in my wildest dreams would ever think that weightlifting would be for me or even high protein shakes. After loosing around 4 stone it was time to step it up a gear so I took the plunge in to buying my first set of barbells and yes a little voice saying to me “can you do this ” , well it was now or never. 


BodyRip Weightlifting Gloves Genuine Leather £10.99

Thinking back would say been training on weights for 10 months or so and soon found out that using Weight lifting gloves improves your grip on the weights.



Benefits Of Gloves…. 

Hands get sweaty during a workout. When they do, your hands can slip. This can be annoying if you are doing pull ups and keep falling off the bar. It is also dangerous if you are holding heavy weights over your body. Weight lifting gloves make workouts safer.


Calluses and Blisters

Lifting weights over long periods of time results in calluses and blisters on the hands. Some people find these unattractive and use weight lifting gloves to preserve the appearance of their hands. Even those people who do not mind tough hands can still benefit from weight lifting gloves. A tiny blister can prevent a weight lifter from using his hands that day. Weight lifting gloves prevent blisters.


Weight lifting gloves relieve pressure placed on your hands when lifting heavy weights. This allows you to move beyond the limitations of your hands. The chest and back muscles on most people can handle much more weight than their naked hands can support. Weight lifting gloves increase the pressure capacity on your hands.


 Wrist Support

Most weight lifting gloves also wrap around your wrists. This provides valuable support for the wrists while they support heavy weights. The material of the glove acts like extra ligaments and tendons while the wrist is bent backward. Weight lifting gloves help prevent wrist injuries in the gym.

Increased Lift

Weight gloves with wrist straps can make you stronger. They do this by distributing the weight being lifted across the forearms instead of making your fingers hold it all. This is especially effective in pulling exercises like deadlifts or upright rows. Weight gloves with wrist straps allow you to lift much more weight than you could with just your hands.


BodyRip gloves have a super quality to them and not only that they do live up to good expectations plus nice wrist support which is very important.  



BodyRip 500Ml Protein Shaker Bottle Cup Compartment Nutrition Mixer £6.95


BodyRip Shaker comes with three separate compartments in which you easily store several servings of nutritional supplements. For example: Protein, Creatine, Vitamins, Capsules, Pre- & Post-Workout Products.

All our Bottles and Shakers are designed to the very highest standards, offering robust construction and stylish design. So whether you want to shake or blend, BodyRip have what you need. Don’t accept over-priced imitations and choose BodyRip shaker for the best tasting shakes at unbeatable prices.

Protein shakes are high on my list as I personally have shakes most days as part of my Health & Fitness regime. Love how you have the option to have your protein powder in the compartments that come with the shaker as this is so handy.

I tend to have some problems when it comes to getting smooth protein shakes as mainly seem to be still lumpy but with this one had no problems at all as the shaker ball works more effectively.

Would recommend fitness fanatics to check this brand out as they have a wide variety of equipment.  


Yes that is right now it is your chance to get your hands on these amazing gloves as BodyRip have kindly let our blog giveaway a pair!  All the need to do is under this post you will see a Gleams Competition app enter this way, remember to do all tasks that are asked for.

Good Luck 🙂 




Win A Pair Of BodyRip Weightlifting Gloves





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Disclaimer- Precious Little Worlds  have been sent out some products in exchange for our honest opinion for the purpose of our blog to report back to you the viewers our findings. 




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