Why being healthy is a resolution worth sticking to



What do you feel when you hear these words been spoken to you by others such as…….

Healthy / Empowerment / Determination /

Do you want some of the action and want to be in the zone well you can be all you need is a good healthy resolution that you can stick too. and you could be the one saying those words to others and showing them how you kicked the bad habits.

But do not worry we are on hand to give you some good tips to get you started including Juicers UK


First you need a plan!

1. Do you want to loose weight

2. Do you want to maintain

3. Do you want to bulk up ect..

On this post we will be looking at No1, remember always consult your health care team to make sure you will be fit to make thees changes.

Go through your fridge and get rid of all the unhealthy food or donate it which is even better 🙂 Add as many of the foods listed below to your new food groups. 





Fruit & Berries…

Apples / Avocados / Bananas  / Blueberries / Oranges / Strawberries / Cherries / Grapes /  Grapefruit / Kiwi / Lemons / Mango / Melons / Olives / Peaches / Pear / Pineapples / Plums and Raspberries.





Lean Beef /  Chicken Breasts /  Lamb


Nuts, Seeds and Peanuts…

Almonds /  Chia Seeds / Coconuts / Macadamia Nuts / Walnuts / Peanuts




Asparagus / Bell Peppers / Broccoli / Carrots / Cauliflower / Cucumber / Garlic / Onions / Tomatoes /  Artichokes/ Brussels Sprouts / Cabbage / Celery / Eggplant / Leeks / Lettuce / Mushrooms Radishes / Squash/ Swiss Chard / Turnips / Zucchini.


Fish & Seafood…

Salmon / Sardines / Shellfish / Shrimp Trout / Tuna /



Brown Rice / Oats / Quinoa



Ezekiel Bread / Homemade Low-Carb Breads



Green Beans / Kidney Beans / Lentils



Cheese / Yogurt / Milk


Fats & Oils…

Butter from grass-fed cows / Coconut Oil / Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Potatoes / Sweet Potatoes

And not forgetting Apple Cider Vinegar + Dark Chocolate “yes” that is right dark chocolate is loaded with fiber and magnesium.



Cutting out large portions to smaller ones on your plate as this can make such a difference remember this is not a fad diet we are talking about making a new lifestyle change.

Adding high protein as your body needs protein to build up your muscles and repair cells, also high protein healthy eating can combat cravings.



If you are looking for a quick fix for mornings getting your fruit and veg then making smoothies could be a good one for you.

You could use Fraw smoothie packs for even more convince and do them the night before all you will need is the frozen packs – see this post for more information….


Perfect for the job are   Juicers UK


What is the Panasonic MJ-L500 Slow Juicer?

Compact, efficient and versatile, the MJ-L500 combines everything you’d want in a juicer. Using a technique of “slow juicing”, which squeezes fruit and vegetables at 45rpm rather than dicing and spinning at speed, it’s designed for maximum extraction with minimal effort. The lower speeds also result in reduced heat and air exposure, which means more nutrients in your juice and less separation.

The MJ-L500 also comes with a frozen attachment for making sorbets and frozen cocktails, plus it’s small enough to sit out on the worktop permanently. Unlike many juicers, it comes in a choice of colours too – silver, champagne and red.



Squeezing while preserving nutrition

Stainless steel screw rotates by pressing and crushing to extract maximum juice and retains vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants vital for health and well-being.

Great tasting juices without the separation

Ingredients are pressed and crushed for increased yield and minimum waste. Retains more vitamin C and other nutrients than a standard high speed juicer.

Three stages to produce tasty desserts

You can juice frozen fruits using the frozen attachment to create delicious sorbets and frozen yoghurts.

Juice outlet with silicone cover

Prevents dripping after the juice is extracted.


Bladeless, low speed extraction reduces oxidisation, producing longer lasting juice.







Tell your friends & family- Tel them you have set this goal you are more likely to get support and less likely to avoid failure.

Stay Motivated– Make a list on how doing this goal will be of benefit for you keep one at home even pin it to your noticeboard.

 Reward Yourself– No-one is saying you cant ever have a nice treat as sure you can but remember all in moderation.As time goes on you will find that you will tuck in to a nice homemade fruit compote or healthy fruit pancakes especially if you are building up+strengthening as your body will need the extra protein.

 Track what you eat and drink– This can be better if you have an app on your phone as it is more easy to do so. Apps such as MyFitnessPal…. you can input all your food+drink on a daily basis not only that you can add exercises in your diary that will tell you how many calories you have burnt,this is good as you will have all the information in one place.

Focus on your feelings– One of the biggest mistakes you can make when trying to lose weight or improve your fitness is to focus too much on the scales, Instead, focus on how you feel after a workout: strong and invincible after lifting weights, alert and energized after cardio, relaxed and mindful after a yoga session. By focusing on how you feel, you’re less reliant on the scale to keep you motivated.


Take is easy – This means don’t go banging out a big sessions all the time remember this is a long-term change start of slow then progress.


Find a buddy-Having a friend who can join you can help too you do not have to do this as it depends on how you work best.

Do not starve yourself of food– Your body will need a lot of proteins, vitamins, and minerals so that your muscles respond well to your workouts Fruits and vegetables are a must.

Warm up – This helps increase blood flow to the working muscle which results in decreased muscle stiffness, reduced risk of injury. Not only that but is good for mental preparation too and your mind can ease into the workout.

Keep trying – You will sometimes faultier during your goals as we all do as we are all human,but get up and try again you will find you are stronger then you think!

 Switch up your workouts– If you keep doing the same workouts over and over for months you will soon become board so be ready to adopt new workouts that will give you diversity. Beginners try to aim for 2-3 30/40mins workouts sessions per week while more advanced will tend to aim for around 6 per week with one rest day. Always consult your doctor to make sure you are well enough to do so.


Give yourself small rewards whenever you achieve a goal it does not need to be food if you do don’t want to, it could be something like going for a relaxing spa treatment.  

 Be Happy – The Key is to be happy and enjoy what you are doing and the achievements that you are going to get from your goals believe me it will be worth it.

Simple but effective tips to help you stay focused and achieve your health and fitness goals. 

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