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About Fraw Smoothies 

At FRAW we know you’ve got better things to do than hunt down wheatgrass on your weekends. That’s where we come in… Our ‘ready to blend’ smoothies contain more superfoods than you can shake a stick at.

We freeze the ingredients at peak ripeness, within hours of being picked at the farm to lock in all the nutrients and flavour (basically all the good stuff). Freezing in the freshness is part of our ‘Soil to Smoothie’ mantra that we’re on a mission to preach far ’n wide. So leave the smoothies to us and you do you.



The market for Health & Wellness Smoothies is huge at the moment and we all seem to want to be involved, this is due to us been more health conscious then before and why not! 

Smoothies and juices often play a big role in a plant-based diet, or a healthy diet in general. They are both great ways to get your veggie/fruit intake also Smoothies make for an awesome breakfast too.

We need to change they way we have been in the past and keep on with all the new and up and coming healthy drinks and food around, so why do we think that Fraw can lead the way in natural smoothies. They have brought us a smoothie kits that are packed full of all the superfoods we need each day to maintain our hectic lives. Over on Fraw site you can customise a your box with six smoothie cup of your choice or if you like a certain one you can also order x6 of just that one, it’s upto you. 


Strawberry, Banana, Pomegranate, Blueberry & Acai





Pineapple, Mango, Spinach, Kale, Avocado & Ginger




Mango, Peach, Banana, Carrot, Sweet Potato & Coconut



When you receive your box of healthy goodness you need to know how to make them up all you need to do is follow a few simply steps…


1. Pour liquid such as (orange juice / apple juice / or almond milk) to the fill line of the cup in your kit approx 260ml then add to blender.

2. Add ingredients from the fruit and veg pouch plus the superfood sachet

3. Blend to desired consistency

4. Pour smoothie into cup and enjoy!




  So why are Superfoods so important to us… 



Superfoods are high in antioxidants which help your body to fight off diseases they also can give your diet a healthy boost and are packed full of nutritional value. Superfoods can consist of – Blueberries / Raspberries / Kale / Sweet Potato / Pomegranate / Spinach / Nuts / Seeds / Turmeric / Avocado / Ginger / Banana /

Take Avocados for example they are famously great for skin; high in poly- and monounsaturated fatty acids (like omega 9’s), they keep skin looking firm and dewy, help regenerate damaged skin cells, and reduce redness and irritation.Omega 9 in particular, keep your epidural layer (the top layer of skin) moisturized, which gives you noticeably hydrated and healthy-looking skin.

Avocados are also full of antioxidant carotenoids that not only fight free radicals, which are one of the major culprits of damaged skin and aging, but also help your skin maintain water content and elasticity.


 Fraw smoothies are also 100% natural and high in fibre plus a good source of omega 3 and Vegan.

Our favourite from the range has to be the Cleanse smoothie and yes you might be thinking “oh it is green it must taste bad” well you will be wrong as never have we tasted such a good greens smoothie that is so yummy and good for you at the same time.

Going through a health and fitness journey myself and having so many green smoothies before in top restaurant chains, Fraw smoothies have come out the best on taste test.

Energise is packed full of mouth-watering fruity punch you can taste the banana coming through and works well with all the other ingredients. 

Texture you get from the smoothies is very good as they are not too thick or running they are just on the side of perfection!  

Coming in at £3 per cup we think that this is a very acceptable cost, also you have the opportunity to bring down even more as if you subscribe you will save 10% We are huge converts of Fraw 100% natural smoothies at Precious Little Worlds so why no check them out for yourselves.


You can also enter HSTAVELEY15 and you can get 15% off


Disclaimer- Precious Little Worlds  have been sent out Fraw smoothies in exchange for our honest opinion for the purpose of our blog to report back to you the viewers our findings. 


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