Top Protein Bars

So what are the best Protein Bars around today!

We will give you some of our top picks…..



Fulfil Nutrition 

FULFIL is the healthier snack that tastes unreal, is packed full of protein, low in sugar & has 100% RDA of 9 Vitamins. ‘Bars with Benefits’



Grenade – Sports Nutrition

Grenade – Multi award winning sports nutrition and one of the worlds leading energy, weight loss and performance brands.



PhD Nutrition – Premium Sports Nutrition

PhD Smart Bar  is the intelligent way to get your daily protein fix without adding unwanted carbs.Smart Bar™ is available in a variety of delicious flavours including Caramel Crunch, Cookies & Cream, Dark Chocolate & Raspberry, Choc Peanut Butter and Chocolate Brownie.


 Pulsin: Healthy Snacks and Protein Powders

 Pulsin – make premium products…naturally! We’ve created a range of award-winning gluten free, dairy free, vegan-friendly kids’ bars, protein bars, brownies and protein powders. So whether you’re looking for a protein boost for your baking, a snack to get you through your workout.


The Verdict… 

Fulfil bars in our opinion have the best tasting ones and give them 9/10 would of been a 10 but as we only found out the other day after months of consuming them, they contain gelatin have to say utter gutted as I am a Vegetarian. 

Grenade are not suitable for Vegetarians too but come up high as they have a huge range and can be found in most fitness and health stores,If you are looking for raw / more healthy ingredients such as organic then Pulsin is very good and they are Vegetarian plus vegan friendly. PhD Smart bars are suitable for Vegetarians not sure if all their bars are but they are sure good for on the go and can be found easily.




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