OrganycUK Review & Giveaway

We at Precious Little Worlds have been given a great opportunity to join up with the amazing OrganycUK to bring you some fantastic reviews and a Giveaway too……
First of all lets take a look about OrganycUK
OrganycUK Offers 100% Natural & Organic Feminine and Beauty Care Range Which Has Been Made With 100% Organic Pure Cotton Wool.
All our products are 100% certified organic cotton cleaned with oxygen peroxide (natural occurring disinfectant), with Hypoallergenic composition: no perfumes, no colouring, no synthetic materials, no SAP (Super Absorbent Powders). Organyc products are naturally soft and breathable to help prevent skin irritations, rashes and redness. They have high absorbency due to the natural prorperties of cotton fibres. The feminine care range are completely biodegradable and compostable: wrapping and back-sheet pads layer are made of Mater-Bi(R), a bio-polymer film deriving from corn starch.
We have been given a wonderful selection from the their Organic Beauty Range which included….
Organyc biodegradable Organic Cotton Wool Pads have only one ingredient,100% organic cotton. The superior quality of the organic cotton is clear from the soft touch of the multi-purpose pads. Whether using for removing your make-up or for general use the handy organic cotton wool pads will feel soft against your skin. Organyc products are vegan and completely biodegradable, in fact theseorganic cotton wool pads are also certified by eco-cert. The quality of this product is further highlighted by the ethical farming involved in the cultivation of theOrganyc organic cotton pads as well as supporting the environment.


If you are like me and very much into make-up what better way to it off then using these super soft Organic Cotton pads. It may sound odd I know but never have I felt such softness from cotton pads before,this is very important to me as I have very sensitive skin.
They come in at a price of £2.39 for 70 pads per pack “yes” its a little higher then your standard range but for me I like to know what is in my beauty items and that its going to work well for me, and that you are supporting the environment.
What is also good is that they don’t fall apart and rip like other cotton pads do as they are very durable,they are double sided and are embossed which allows you do get a deep clean with a ultimate extra soft touch.
Highly recommend these Organic Cotton Pads.



These Organyc biodegradable organic cotton buds are fully certified by eco cert. This ensures the production of the organic cotton buds works in harmony with the environment to support biodiversity. Furthermore the organic cotton is grown without artificial pesticides and supports ethical farming and in turn local farming communities. The Organyc organic cotton buds are soft to the touch and will care for you and your family’s needs in a natural and organic way. With the only ingredient being 100% organic cotton these cotton buds ensure optimum quality that you can use every day.
Cotton buds have been around for so many years I remember them back in my childhood too as they have so many uses…
Personally I don’t tent to use cotton buds for ears what I use mine for the little mistakes we make on our make-up as they come in handy and not only that perfect for nail polish runs too.
You can even apply eyeshadow with them and if you love the smokey eyes then simply rub the pud on the upper lids,also outlining your lips or even using them for smudges.
They are so good if you have any spots as you can dab tea tree oil on to them the list goes on. Price range you are looking at £2.49 for 200 per pack which is good as they have so many uses to them and always come in handy.
You can order them or see more over on
Would you like the opportunity to win a bundle of goodies from the OrganycUK  Beauty range, then if so we have x5 to Giveaway thanks to the amazing PR team over at Pravera.
All you need to do is enter all the tasks asked of you on the Competition app which is below this. Please make sure you do the tasks to be entered. When the Giveaway is over I will ask for the winners details so that they can be passed on to the PR team only to be used to send out prizes to the winners.
Please allow upto 3weeks for your prizes to come many thanks and enjoy!

X5 Sets Of Organyc Beauty Bundles To Be Won

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