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Super Range….
Enjoy the freshness and quality of the kitchen on-the-go with our healthy Super Smoothies. Some of our combinations might sound unusual at first but, trust us, you’ll love the taste!




Savse Super Blue – Blueberry Kale Beetroot Spinach Blackcurrant & Apple
Savse Super Red  – Strawberry Orange Kale Spinach Broccoli & Celery
Savse Super Orange –  Mango Celery Apple Lemon PassionFruit & Carrot
Savse Super Green – Pear Broccoli Kiwl Lemon Apple Kale Banana & Spinach
Savse Super Purple –  Beetroot Apple Lemon Lime Mango & Avocado
+ Protein Punch
I had not previously heard of the Savse range before so trying a new range of drinks / smoothies was going to be exciting.


I had not heard of Savse before so our family was looking forward to trying out a new exciting brand to us.
As I am trying to get a little healthier these smoothies sure are the way to go with its unique bends of raw fruit flavours and veg, “Yes” I know it might sound a little odd to have both together but they can do your body the world of good.
First up for the taste test are Super Orange….
This is the one when I received the drinks I was most looking forward too with its


exotic flavours such as mango and passion fruit it brings a glowing orange tone that also has Celery Apple Lemon Orange + Carrot. What we all liked from this smoothie is its flavoursome taste but with the suttle hints of veg coming though, it has a delicious and a combination that was not sure about at first, but works so well.
Super Blue…. This has become my daughter favourite one she askes us for it all the time it has a whopping eight ingredients, seven of which are packed full of antioxidants. It has Blueberry Kale Beetroot Spinach Blackcurrant Apple Strawberry & Orange.
Yes you can taste the beetroot coming through but its not a overwhelming taste of it that you think “oh I am just drinking the juice of beetroot” as its combinations of fruit gives the drink a different dimension.
Super Green… Personally was my least favourite only because it contained bananas and they tend to unsettle my tummy a little.
Super Red…. Such a zesty taste of Strawberry Orange Kale Spinach Broccoli + Celery.
Such a rich in Vitamins that contains 2 of your 5 a day.
Savse Smoothies are low in sugar and offer an affordable nutrient packed new age juices, you can find them in 750ml around £3.00 plastic bottles which are very good for a home. Or you can get the smaller bottles in 250ml they are very hand for in your lunch bag or out & about at a price range around £2.00
You can pick up these smoothies in places such at Asda / Sainsbury’s / Boots / Ocado and many others.
Although they are not organic be reassured they are of high quality and they are also HPP that means –
High-pressure processing is a sophisticated preservation method that maintains the goodness of the full fruit and veg that make up our super smoothies, while ensuring that every bottle is totally safe to drink.
HPP is different to conventional preservation methods – such as pasteurisation – because the food/drink is treated within its packaging and isn’t heated.
Bacteria, yeast and moulds cannot survive in high-pressure environments and HPP exposes our freshly bottled smoothies to a pressure equivalent to six times deeper than the deepest known place in the ocean. This means that any bacteria becomes deactivated but, importantly, the essential vitamins and nutrients remain.
Would highly recommend giving Savse Smoothies a try for a outstanding unique taste with a twist.


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Disclaimer- Precious Little Worlds have been sent out  some of Savse Smoothies for free in exchange for our honest opinion for the purpose of our blog, to report back to you the viewers our findings.

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