Kawaii Subscription Box + Giveaway

Disclaimer- Precious Little Worlds have been given some items for free in exchange for our honest opinion for the purpose of our blog, to report back to you the viewers our findings

The Cutest Monthly Kawaii Subscription Box ♥ Receive cute items from Japan & Korea every month
Every month you’ll get a box of cute hand-picked Japanese and Korean products… so if you love cute things, it’s a great way to add to your collection and get some surprise post too!
There is something for everyone: from accessories for those who love the decoden and DIY to the sweetest jewelry to wear and sweets to enjoy while you are studying or working!
After doing some rough math, the value of the Kawaii Box is about a $39-$40 value for the $18.90 you pay. That’s pretty cool, right?.. I was surprised to find a cute, hand-written note inside!


The cute package landed in my post box a few weeks back for our blog to review having little knowledge on the brand I soon found myself in a world of Kawaii.
Ice-cream Crepe Keyring
This cute crepe keyring is decorated with fake Chocolate ice-cream, miniature banana,heart and a tiny crystal. Has a link with a string attracted that can be placed on an item such as your bag.
One of my favourite items as it looks so well put together and sure looks so cool & fun this has its pride of place on my keys 🙂




This sheet of stickers comes with the most funniest set of animals that include Alpaca Llama and sheep plus bunnies.
The entire sheet measures 9 cm wide by 20 cm tall and the stickers come in different shapes and sizes as pictured! Most stickers measure between 1 cm to 1.5 cm tall.
Love the cuteness what these stickers bring and so much fun and a clever way to decorate your own folder or other book you write in.
Jelly Drink


This is a DIY making set that includes 3 packs that you mix together to make a wobbly edible jelly drink.
This is so good for kids to have ago with and so much fun and can taste it when done,it does have a very sweet taste to it but its very yummy.


Squishy Doughnut Mirror Keychain
These delicious realistic looking doughnut mirrors are very handy for attaching to your keys or bag, and whipping out during make-up/hair emergencies. They’re covered in icing and sprinkles, and they open up to reveal the mirror inside. They’re made from squidgy squishy foam stuff that’s really addictive to squeeze. They even smell as good as they look! Just like real handmade donuts.
The only problem I can across with this item was the little icing sprinkles just keep coming off and in time could see them all been off,was not as well made as the other items but did look very nice.
All in all this is one of the most cutest,cool funky boxes I have seen very nice gift for mum & daughter to share.
Can be delivered to the UK.


Now is your chance to with a box of goodies
So what do I need to do?
On the Gleams Competition app which is below this enter all the information and tasks that are asked of you.
Will be one winner but please allow upto 28 day to receive your prize. 
UK only now as Kawaii have given back word and I will have to use my review items to send to the winner many thanks to Kawaii for letting us down. 

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