Potty Training With Hydrocephalus

We have been taking part in a campaign by Come Round in conjunction with Huggies pull ups for their potty training party.
But first I will like to tell you the problems we are having in our house to do with our daughter Millie, Might sound odd but Millie is not your typical 5 year old. And yes I hear you saying “why” well she was born 10 weeks early will link the story below for you all the read when you have time.
Millie is disabled with Hydrocephalus which causes lots of problems and one being toilet problems we have tried so many times and do get judged by others as she is not potty trained at the age of 5 this is not due to us been lazy as some misguided judgemental people have been in the past to us.
It’s part if her disability if I break it down for you in parts with Hydrocephalus its hard for Millie with her balance / sitting as this is one side effect we have been given some rails for the toilet and a have a separate special potty both given to us by Millie’s occupational therapist.
Her brain does not work in the way a normal persons does due to part of it been damaged so its hard for her to understand. Millie at times does not have any control over her bladder and bowel so its hard for her to say “mummy I need a wee” as she does not know she is doing it, we as parents just have to keep saying to her plus taking her along with us to the bathroom when we do.
I also have a 3 year old son Alfie so its been a good time to start him off and for Millie to watch him as she might pick it up from him well at the stage I am so willing to give anything a try again.


We all kicked off with a party bringing granny & grandad round and a few others to get involved and to try and get the message across to Millie that it is good to use the potty / toilet.
This is another one we are struggling with is Millie and pooing she seems to think it hurts her but what she is doing is holding back and yes, I know it might sound odd storing it up and then when it comes to the time its hurts her so much as she has a back-log of poo 🙁



We are going to be doing the reward scheme that came in our Come Round packs.

What does the reward scheme do?


During the training process its helpful to reward your child for potty use with a small token such as a sticker, and explain to your child how to get one for example if they wee on the potty they get one sticker or if they poo in potty can earn two stickers its upto you how you want to play it.
Let your child choose a sticker from the pack this might be a favourite character and so on and place it on the chart.
Millie having ago on her new potty have to say was very excited to see her trying and did sit for a good 5 minutes but at the end she did not do anything, my heart said she would not but she tried and that’s a start.

Millie did get a sticker for trying as it would be unfair not too and she even said “mummy I will try again soon”
It is hard work and many times my Husband and I have wanted to give up due to frustration and pressure plus other peoples lack of understanding of my daughters illness, but we will do this and yes I know its going to take even more time then so be it we are both willing to do our best and that’s all we can do.we got told by some of Millie’s care team that she may no be fully trained until the age of 7.

Its still ongoing with Millie’s & Alfie’s potty training but sure making progress step by step.
Thank you to the Come Round team for letting us report back and for the goodies we received.



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