Sinivalia Unique And Luxurious Skin Care Product Range

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Everyone wants to have good skin and a fresh, clear complexion. We are born with beautiful skin – wouldn’t it be great if we could keep it that way? Now you CAN!
Sadly no one can escape the damage caused by pollutants, UV radiation and harsh chemicals. These play havoc with the skin, causing cellular damage, irritation and even premature aging!
What’s worse is that many other skin care products contain harsh chemicals which do harm instead of good – leaving the skin irritated and blemished.
The Sinivalia range is the answer you’ve been looking for. It is uniquely formulated from the very best ingredients to hydrate and ‘feed’ the skin. Whatever your skin type, age or gender there are products in the Sinivalia range to suit your specific needs. And if you prefer your products completely organic and natural – we have those too!
Great for anyone who wants to enjoy having healthy skin and a beautiful complexion.
At Sinivalia we want to help you to look your very best! With our range you can! We want to give your skin all the love and care it deserves. It’s a difference YOU WILL FEEL – and a difference YOUR FRIENDS WILL NOTICE.
Sinivalia was founded by a team of women passionate about skin care who literally travelled the world in search of superior skin care ingredients. Researching science publications and speaking with countless physicians, they eventually formulated the safe, effective and gentle product range – SINIVALIA! Our products work – they took years to perfect and they are based on the very latest scientific and dermatological research. They are different – and it’s a difference you will FEEL.
Sinivalia are now based in the U.K. having enjoyed outstanding success in the U.S.
We will NEVER test any of our products on animals – we use only human volunteers (and they always want more)!
Every item is tested to ensure it is safe, effective and gentle.
All Sinivalia products are manufactured to the highest possible standards with strict quality control.
We are so confident that you will be completely satisfied with our products that we ALWAYS offer a 100% money back guarantee (should anyone be less than satisfied).
Your complete satisfaction is our priority and we are always available to answer questions. If you wish, we can make individual recommendations to help you put together the best Sinivalia regimen for your face and body care. Your skin is going to love being naturally healthy!
Why delay? Order today – and FEEL the difference!
I have been testing out two products from the Sinivalia range-
Will start off with the Aloe Vera Body Butter,its in a well presented round tin on opening I thought that I would come-across a strong smell as its Aloe Vera but did not was a little disappointed but moving on.
At the moment I have struggling with my skin as have sensitive but also eczema.  
What you can get out of the products and its benefits….
Healing Aloe Vera soaks rapidly into cells, softening and hydrating skin and hair. Superior hydration for the entire body, pure aloe body butter nourishes and locks in moisture, giving skin back its luminous glow.



 Aloe Vera delivers deep hydration while detoxifying and alkalizing skin tissue. This activity plumps and firms skin, promotes elasticity and suppleness and slows the ageing process





Soothing and calming hydration improves all skin types, including sensitive skin. Aloe Vera’s notable healing effects and its many minerals that promote growth make Aloe Vera especially healing for after-sun relief.



Trusted for centuries, Aloe Vera naturally helps skin repair itself, soothes irritation and hydrates parched skin and stimulates blood flow all without harmful chemicals or additives





Made in the UK, Backed by a No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee. Buy with confidence as a gift to yourself or for someone you care about.

For the most visible results, use Aloe Vera Body Butter daily after cleansing. Apply all over the body or on desired areas using smooth, even strokes to create a thin, moisturising barrier. Aloe Vera Body Butter instantly improves skin’s hydration and protects it from the day’s exposure to environmental toxins that lead to dryness, irritation and inflammation. This silky butter can be re-applied to skin to maximise its calming and soothing properties and to provide an additional barrier against damage.
To provide after-sun relief with cooling, pacifying aloe butter, place body butter in the refrigerator. Then, gently smooth the cooled cream onto the sunburned areas of skin. Reapply as desired for optimum comfort. This body butter is pure and gentle enough to be used daily on the face. Re-apply to troubled spots throughout the day if skin begins to feel inflamed, itchy, flakey and rough.
After using the body butter for around a good few weeks I soon noticed my skin feeling smoother and softer not only that I applied it to my kids skin as its very good on sunburn which my daughter did get due to when she had been at school and they did not re-apply any location.So it came in handy to test it out on my 5 year old would not normally but due to the fact its natural would not have any problems.
Facial Clay Detox Mask
 all in one anti ageing powerful cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing system for men and women! Rid skin of toxins, dead skin cells and clogged pores to reveal smoother firmer skin below. This mask moisturises as it detoxifies, restoring your skin’s healthy glow.
Customers report an instant tingling sensation as the all natural bentonite clay increases blood circulation to skin and eliminates built-up oils and impurities, stimulating collagen production. Once the mask is washed away, brighter, clear and firmer, skin is revealed.
Tired of looking for natural skin care products and beauty treatments that work for sensitive skin? The search is over. Bentonite clay is your beauty bag’s ideal moisturiser and acne treatment for sensitive skin.
this all natural beauty treatments for ageless beauty is completely free of sulfate, parabens and glutens, bentonite clay powder is a potent home health cleansing system. Our extremely effective formula is not tested on animals and is suitable for vegan use.
Backed by a No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee. Buy with confidence as a gift to yourself or for someone you care about. Manufactured in the U.K. for safety and quality.
Have to say was shocked by the amount of clay you get in this tub and that’s in a good way as I’m sure you can get lots of application from this item.
You will find the dry clay mix which you will need to add Sinivalia rose toner or you can simply use water amounts are two teaspoons of the water into two teaspoons of the Bentonite Detox Face Mask clay powder.You will need to mix until firm paste texture is achieved.


Apply the mixture to your face making sure you avoid the eye area best if you can have around a quarter of an inch in thickness. The mask should be allowed to set for around fifteen to twenty minutes then remove it using a soft cloth and warm water.
As you might be aware I do have very sensitive skin so first I always do a patch test at the back on my ear before using products such as these as I would hate to put it all over my face without testing then to wake up with a rash,so I do suggest if you have skin like mine to do this as a good tip.
Did not see a huge difference to my skin but did see a little on the texture but I have had acne since around the age of 12 and now 32 so its not going to disrepair over-night but will keep on with this to see if I do see any new improvements .




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