My Enchanted Mirror Review & Giveaway

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Disclaimer- Precious Little Worlds have been given some items for free in exchange for our honest opinion for the purpose of our blog, to report back to you the viewers our findings.
Sambro makers of My Enchanted Mirror 
Little princess’s will love this My Enchanted Mirror. The enchanted mirror will ask your princess several questions which they will need to answer to play the game. In the end the enchanted mirror will magically tell them which kind of princess they are. Your little princess can ask 10 questions and the mirror will give magical, individual answers, there are several answers per question. If your little princess wants to hear a song she just needs to ask the mirror to play different songs. Your little princess can also ask the mirror to tell 10 different stories about princesses. This will keep you little princess entertained for hours on end.


Magic and interactive
Booklet features 20 princesses
Contents: An Enchanted Mirror and a booklet
Batteries Required: 3 AAA batteries
Here is my VBlog Review 



Low-down on review  
Packaging is fantastic very eye-catching if my daughter had seen this in store she sure would go straight to it.
Also like the fact you can clearly see what you are getting and what the product does as some you are left searching for five minutes figuring it out.

 my enchanted mirror review


On the front you will find a love heart shaped button you will need to press this as it activates the microphone so your child can interact with the toy that speaks back to them.
Another feature from the mirror is the face of the enchanter which lights up. 


How to play….
1. Move the switch behind the mirror to play….
2. Then press the heart shaped button on the front.

Magic questions…
If  you ask me a magic question, I’ll answer you! but be careful, you have to ask them exactly as they are here:
*Who’s the fairest one of all?
*Are you really magic?
*Do I look pretty today?
*Do you like me?
*Do princesses go to school?
*Do fairies exist?
*Will I ever be a princess?
*How does a princess live?
*Do you know any princesses?
*What can you do?
Play some music!
Say “play some music” and I’ll play some real princess music.
If you want to stop a music in the middle,press the heart-shaped button.
Tell me a story!
Say “tell me a story” and I’ll tell one of the great 10 stories I know.
Which princess am I!
Say “which princess am I? and I’ll ask you some questions to find out which princess you are.Answer YES,NO or I DON’T KNOW to my questions.
Its very durable and a well made item with creative development,nice that you can use the mirror for individual play or group such as the story telling option plus music so others can join in too.
Very nice to see the little booklet with different princesses. 
This mirror is priced around £20 which I do think is very good for the features that you get from the product. 
Do like embossed swirls around the mirrors edge.
If you have seen the VBlog review you will of seen my daughter is disabled with Hydrocephalus,which means she does have a lot of learning difficulties so the importance of imaginative creative play is all the more.


Imaginary play happens when children use their imaginations to create pretend and make-believe scenarios. Children can engage in this type of play using small toy figures, puppets, dolls, for example. Or children can act out a particular role themselves and become a part of a play drama. Often, dressing up and using props will be part of this kind of imaginary play.
Practising listening, looking and talking also imaginative play is a great way for children to relax and unwind.

This mirror is perfect for budding young girls who love to dress up and be a princess for the day.
.Easy To Use
.High Quality
.Lasting Fun
.Imaginative Play
.No Volume Control 
Giveaway Time!



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My Enchanted Mirror Giveaway

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