Win A Slim & Trim Kiqplan App Worth £19.99

Slim + Trima weight loss program for women of all shapes and sizes
Kiqplan is your very own trainer, nutritionist and motivational coach all in one app. In 12 weeks, we’ll help you trim, tone and tighten so you feel amazing. More than amazing. Amazinger.
To us, the route to looking and feeling great is not just dieting, hitting the gym and clocking up miles on the treadmill. It’s about feeling confident in that little black dress, looking in the mirror and loving the reflection you see, and most importantly, feeling good in the skin that you’re in.
That’s why we’ve created Slim + Trim, a 12 week plan that works with all leading activity trackers, fitness apps, smartwatches and smartphones. The Kiqplan app “talks” to your device, tracking your daily achievements and putting your data to work. Your personal plan not only sets you weekly targets to get you trim and toned, but advises you on everything from snacking and meal planning, to how to get more sleep (we all could do with more of that!) and builds a program week on week to support the healthy choices needed to stay in shape for the long-term.
Feeling fantastic is about the whole package of workouts, nutrition and rest. The program includes:
Step and calorie targets tailored to your individual goals and daily progress
Full body video workouts to maximize calorie burn and tone
High intensity circuit workouts to increase fitness and stamina levels
Easy-to-follow advice from our team of nutritional and fitness experts
Recipes created using the best mix of nutrients for successful weight loss
Easy food diary with barcode scanning and all your favorite foods
Motivational feedback on your progress and a nudge of encouragement when you need it!


Android phones with Android 4.4 or higher


Compatible with…. 
Apple Watch
iPhones with iOS 7 or higher
Galaxy S6
Galaxy S6 Mini
Galaxy S6 Edge
Galaxy S5
Galaxy S5 Mini
Galaxy S5 Active
Galaxy S4
Galaxy S4 mini
Galaxy Note 4
Galaxy Note 3
Galaxy Note 3 Neo
Galaxy Alpha
Jawbone UP
Jawbone UP 24
Jawbone UP Move
Jawbone UP 2
Jawbone UP 3
Nike+ FuelBand
Misfit Flash
Misfit Swarovski
Misfit Shine
Fitbit Flex
Fitbit Force
Fitbit One
Fitbit Ultra
Fitbit Zip
Fitbit Charge
Fitbit HR
Fitbit Surge
Withings Pulse Activity Tracker
iHealth Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker
Samsung GearFit
Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Gear 2 or newer
iPhone 5S or newer (M7 chip or newer)



Its your chance to win a Slim & Trim Kiqplan App Worth £19.99
Please remember to check before you enter that your phone is compatible for this app to work …
All you need to do is below on the Gleam Competition app fill in the tasks asked on you
All compers & bloggers very welcome to enter all of our competitions we have running.
Please allow around two weeks for the winner to receive the prize by post. 

Win A Slim & Trim Kiqplan App Worth £19.99

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