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Disclaimer- Precious Little Worlds have been given a set of stories for free from Kids Hero Stories in exchange for our honest opinion for the purpose of our blog, to report back to you the viewers our findings.

At Kid Hero Stories we understand parents are constantly on-the-go and increasingly attached to their gadgets. Determined to inject some personality into tech-time, and develop children’s love of reading, we have created the first and only personalized books service for kids, delivering weekly eBooks that are entertaining, educational and affordable. Kids just love seeing their photos and reading their names in every story.
You will receive a new personalized adventure story eBook every week by email.
Order as a Gift for friends and family: a truly unique and ongoing gift.
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My two kids Millie who is 5 years old and Alfie who is 3 years love stories but how about putting your kids faces into a creative story telling eBook!
Well you can with KIds Hero Stories Website you will need click on order a Ebook but before I move on will tell you the how much they are…

The cost –  depends on how many children appear in the book and the duration of the order. You can also subscribe by the month.

1 child- SUBSCRIBE (4 books per mth until cancelled): $7.90 per mth. (USD)
1 child- ORDER: 3 books- $12.00 / 6 mths (26 books)- $38.00 / 12 mths (52 books)- $48.00 (USD)
2-3 children- SUBSCRIBE (4 books per mth until cancelled): $8.90 per mth. (USD)
2-3 children- ORDER: 3 books- $13.80 / 6 mths (26 books)- $46.00 / 12 mths (52 books)- $58.00 (USD)

When you have decided which subscription is best for you then need to take a look at the series you will go for they have a range to match your kids age range.
Then you will need to pop in your children’s names and gender after this you can now upload a head picture of your child,remember you need a clear image recommendations are …..

SMILING photo taken by camera or smartphone:IMAGE- WHOLE HEAD looking straight at camera.
BACKGROUND- plain color background preferred.
LIGHTING- good daylight (no shadows or strong sunlight).
HAIR- tied back off shoulders, (long hair will be cropped during picture insertion).
SIZE- less than 1 MB.
FORMAT- jpeg or png format.

When you have uploaded your image then click on the drop down icon to select your chosen subscription press submit and take you to payment system.
Good to know facts… You can cancel your subscription at any time by sending a simple email on which the cancellation will take effect at the end of the month.   
We got 3 Ebooks to review for our blog this is one of them below.
My daughter was very much happy to read it in the PDF format but I sure do recommend printing a copy out as to get the best benefits out of your subscription, but not only that it was better for my son to see as he is younger.
I as a mum do very much go for products such as is especially as my daughter is disabled with hydrocephalus which also involves her having learning difficulties. 
Millie has problems processing her thoughts and feelings plus understating of objects and so on this means its hard for her to picture the image in her mind,we do have a few image cards to help her but having books such as this one helps with processing. 


We have teamed up with Kids Hero Stories to bring you a chance to win a 6 month book set each with 4 lucky winners.
All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is on the Gleans Competition app below pop in all the information asked of you and tasks.
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