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Veet Natural Inspirations® EasyWax™ Electrical Roll-On Kit
• 90%* from natural origin
• With shea butter of natural origin
• Keeps wax at the right temperature
• Ensures clean and even application
• Easy to use. Long lasting results
• Dermatologist tested
Experience the touch of nature with New Veet Natural Inspirations EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit with Shea Butter
New Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit is an easy to use heated wax system. The wax is made with 90% ingredients from natural origin that gives you long-lasting smoothness for up to 28 days. Thanks to its formula made with resin derived from pine trees and shea butter of natural origin, known for its soothing properties, it leaves the skin feeling moisturised and touchably soft.
*wax contains 90% ingredients from natural origin
VEET, VEET logo, VEET NATURAL INSPIRATIONS and VEET EASYWAX are trade marks of the Reckitt Benckiser Group of Companies.
Box Contents
A self heating device and its cap
A base to hold the device
An electrical cable
A 50ml roll-on wax refill for use on legs & arms
12 non woven strips
4 Veet Perfect Finish™ Wipes
An instruction leaflet

Preperation and Usage

6 simple steps to get salon-wax results at home
For full instructions for use, see the leaflet inside
1 Insert the wax roll-on refill snugly into the heating device.
2 Plug in the device. The ideal temperature will be reached after a minimum of 20 minutes (max 30 minutes).
3 Roll on the wax in the direction your hair grows
4 Apply one strip to your skin. Rub several times in the direction your hair grows to make sure the wax adheres well.
5 Hold your skin taut. Grasp the end of the strip, and pull the strip back on itself as quickly as you can, against the direction the hair grows. This strip can be used again multiple times in the same waxing session.
6 After waxing, clean away any wax left on your skin with a Perfect Finish Wipe.


In the past I had used the Veet wax strips in sensitive not had only problems with the strips, but did want to find another type of system to see if I could do my legs quicker!

Do suffer from dry and sensitive skin on my legs but also have other problems that prevent me from shaving my legs.Trying out this kit was one of great excitement to see if this system would cut the mustard.

Ease of the set-up to the system is simple all you need to do is follow the instructions that are provided.

Applying the wax my first thoughts from the roller “rrrr is going to drag on my skin” but it does not if you leave the wax roller to heat up and use it around 20-30 of heating up and glides very smoothly.

I found myself getting very much into putting a few lines of was on when was a little more confident and found it to be quicker and more affective for me to do it is way, as back in the days of me being a Beauty Therapist was kind of used to doing this.

Found the roller less painful then my strips not sure why don’t know if the heat had anything to do with it?

Always been a huge fan of the after wipes makes my skin that extra soft and calming feeling to my legs.

Personally would of like a few more wax strips to be in with the kit as I think you will find you will need to buy some extra ones.

Love that it has a light on the unit to show its heating up.

Some tips to get the best from waxing….


.Exfoiliate your skin 24 hours before and its good to stop ingrowing hairs.

.Always test the temperature. 

.Always apply wax in the direction of hair growth.

.When removing the cloth strip, hold your skin taut and quickly pull it off in the opposite direction of hair growth.



Don’t wax the same area twice it can damage the skin plus be painful.

Don’t Pick ingrowing hairs as it my lead to infections. 

To see a guide all about waxing visit —-> How to hair removal guide 

My verdict….

Veet electrical roller kit is very good at RRP of £30 you can pick it up for around £15 and refills at £10 (up to 4 wax sessions per refill)  I think its a good deal and well worth buying and you can always get another re-fill when you run out.

Got some good results from the system and would be very happy to recommend to others.Wax roller works wonders on small hairs and even very long.

Very happy to keep on using the Veet roller kit.











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