Medical Alert ID Bracelets Review + Giveaway

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Our products have been designed to help both kids and adults alike with medical conditions/allergies ensure that vital information about their health is readily accessible in emergencies – information that could help to save their lives. We also offers a customisation service, where customers can order products that are specific to their medical requirements.


We have a range of products that your followers may be interested in such as:
-Kids/Adults Medical Condition Alert Wrist Bands –
-Kids Fever Indicators –




For our Medical Condition Alert Wrist Bands (Kids and Adults) we have products for the following conditions: Diabetes, Allergies (food allergies and several different ones), Pregnancy bands, Anaphylaxis, Asthmatic, Axillary lymph nodes, Bee Sting Allergy, Blood thinners, Epilepsy, Falls Risk, Pacemaker, Steroid dependent, No gluten bands, Xarelto medicated, myasthenia gravis and others.


We also have ICE bands, travel stickers, identification bands in different languagues and write-on bands.



Apart from the bands we also have Kids Fever indicator (Awesome, cute new product!), Wallet Cards, medical jewellery and First Aid Kits.



Just let us know which one would be more interesting to you/your followers to write a review on. Please also let us know what sizes you would like (S, M, L and XL)


These Medical Albert Bands are so handy if you have someone or a child as I have with a life threatening illness. 
My daughter Millie has Hydrocephalus so its very important that its made clear what condition she has and who to phone.
Just to touch on Millies illness….

What is hydrocephalus?

Hydrocephalus comes from the Greek hydro meaning water and cephalie, meaning brain. A watery fluid, known as cerebro-spinal fluid or CSF, is produced constantly inside each of the four spaces or ventricles inside the brain: between 400 and 600mls is produced each day. The CSF normally flows through narrow pathways from one ventricle to the next, then out over the outside of the brain and down the spinal cord. The CSF is absorbed into the bloodstream, and the amount and pressure are normally kept within a fairly narrow range.
If the drainage of CSF is prevented at any point, the fluid accumulates in the ventricles inside the brain, causing them to swell and resulting in compression of the surrounding tissue. In babies and infants, the head will enlarge. In older children and adults, the head size cannot increase as the bones which form the skull are completely joined together.

What is a shunt?

A shunt is simply a device which diverts the accumulated CSF around the obstructed pathways and returns it to the bloodstream. It consists of a system of tubes with a valve to control the rate of drainage and prevent back-flow. It is inserted surgically so that the upper end is in a ventricle of the brain and the lower end leads either into the heart (ventriculo-atrial) or into the abdomen (ventriculo-peritoneal). The shunt may be a programmable (adjustable) type.
The device is completely enclosed so that all of it is inside the body. The fluid which is drained into the abdomen passes from there into the bloodstream. Other drainage sites such as the outer lining of the lungs (ventriculo-pleural shunt) can also be used.

As you can tell by the information above about Millie’s illness its a must to other people are her what she has and how to deal with it,having the medi band is such a good way to alert people and make them aware.
You have a space for to write phone info and condition ect which is vital.
Not only have they got kids sizes but adults as-well.
Would you like to win a Medical Alert Band it could be for you as an adult or for your child?!
We have one to giveaway all you need to do is below on the Gleams competition app fill in all tasks asked of you.
Who can enter- Worldwide

Medical Alert ID Bracelets Giveaway


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