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Disclaimer- Precious Little Worlds have been sent out a item for free from Office Pantry in exchange for our honest opinion for the purpose of our blog, to report back to you the viewers our findings.
We often get asked why we do what we do, so it’s time to let the secret out the bag…

 As much as we would love to tell a tale involving unicorns, a lumberjack and some dragons of the north, the truth is we used to work in office jobs. We used to get hungry. It really is that simple.

We were fed up by the lack of good food in the office. We were time poor. We want to change that and we know we aren’t alone.

Our blog got the chance to try out and test a selection of food from Office Pantry which included…..

Pastinos chianti & olive 

                                            Soffle’s Rosemary and Thyme Pitta Chips
                                            Marshfield Caramel Shortbread
                                            Get Fruity Moist Mixed Berry Bar 
How fantastic that Office Pantry offer a wide variety of products this is such a good idea if your work has lots of meetings like mine does each month.

They start from just £35 for 1-15 staff X1 bundle snack pack



                                      Pastino’s Chianti & Olive Pasta Snack

 is a low fat alternative to crisps, made from shallow fried 100%durum wheat pasta and seasoned with chianti and crushed olives.

  • 150g.
  • Low in sodium.
  • Cholesterol-free.
  • Vegetarian friendly.
  • Made from natural ingredients.
  • No artificial colours or flavours & no added MSG.

Pasta contains complex carbohydrates and is a slow release food. Slow release sugars are better for metabolism, helping to sustain energy                                 

They have Chianti in them which is a wine that’s produced in the Chianti region in Italy.And was very curious to see how they would taste within the pasta snacks.
“wow oh wow” such a nice sweet taste to them sure does not compare to any other crisp snacks that I have had before,have to say could of eaten the lot 🙂
Such interesting blend of flavours and very moreish! also had my parents over to enjoy the taste testing session big hit with them.
They are definitely more of a adult snack.
Subtitle for Vegetarians     


                                                   Soffle’s Pitta Chips

were born in a converted garden shed in Stoke Newington, Hackney but were due an upgrade and are now produced in not so far away Tottenham. The chips were first made as a tasty snack to accompany a beer and after realising not everything requires chilli we put down the scotch bonnets and mixed them with rosemary and thyme. The outcome gave us a similar taste to crunchy focaccia bread; result!
The chips are made by oven roasting pitta bread with rosemary and thyme, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. They are then oven baked until crunchy and delicious. They are great not only with a beverage but taste super dipped in tzatziki, hummus or with a slice of your favourite cheese. The chips contain absolutely nothing artificial or any preservatives 100% natural ingredients that makes for the best snack! This product has a 2-3 Month shelf-life.

The packaging is very nice and sweet I do have to say.

Did not know what to expect from these and tried to bite down and wow they are hard and tough to bite,to be honest a little to hard for my liking.

They sure are not something you would take to work for your lunch they are more for when you have family and friends around,think they would be so much nicer with a few dips.


Made with quality ingredients including real fruit, fruit juice, virgin coconut oil and
Gluten Free wholegrain oats.                             Sweetness comes only from fruit, no added refined sugar.
100% natural ingredients.
Gluten Free,
Low Salt, Source of fibre,

These delicious bars are moist and naturally sweet, with the sweetness coming from only the fruit and fruit juices. Get Fruity bars not only taste great but are good for you – The fruit in our bars are a great source of taste, vitamins, minerals, oats release slow burning energy to the body, ensuring you feel fuller for longer. We add virgin coconut oil to make our bars moist and its also the new superfood that lowers cholesterol, reduces heart disease and increases your metabolism. Get Fruity bars are exactly how a fruit bar should look and taste. So grab a bar, open the pack, Get Fruity and healthy with your family.

Oh yes love it such a get go product very much into bars like these at the moment especially with all my healthy and exercise routine I do.

But not what I expected on opening you are met with a bright colour from the berries the smell of it is very strong but once I had taken a bite its moistness was so nice. 

Do think they are different but in a good way very soft and fruity and tasted amazing!

Fruit bar with a difference that’s mission to bring vibrancy and wholesome ingredients to our daily snacking.

 Marshfield Chocolate shortbread base with a layer of smooth handmade caramel and a chocolate flavour topping
Flour [wheat flour , calcium, niacin, iron, thiamine], Margarine [rapeseed oil, sunflower seed oil, palm oil, salt, emulsifier (mono- and di-glycerides), flavourings, vitamin E, acidity regulator (citric acid), colour (beta carotene), vitamins A and D], Chocolate Flavour Coating [sugar, hydrogenated palm oil and coconut,     fat-reduced cocoa powder, emulsifier, soya,                                                                                               lecithin), flavouring, Sugar, Condensed Milk, sugar,                                                                                   Golden Syrup. (Caramel content 37%)
One of my favourites is Chocolate shortbread but do find with some they can be way too sickle.

This scrummy shortbread is one of excellent balance as its just got the right amount of the gooey soft caramel centre with its light base that certainly is one of splender.

Has to be a huge thumbs up for Office Pantry as they do offer a wide variety of healthy and wholesome foods very impressive.

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