King Athletic Speed Rope Review

Jumping rope is one of the best exercises for heart health and weight loss, great for all ages; young and old!
Working out with a jump rope is a fun way to enjoy exercise. It’s a great way to lose weight and never even realize that you’re doing it. With a jump rope for cardio fitness training you get the best of both worlds, exercise and fun all in one!



1. This jump rope is made of durable nylon making it great for heavy and everyday use, it will outlast most other ropes on the market today.
2. The soft foam handles make it comfortable to use and won’t exhaust your hands even during the most intense workouts.
3. The extended 9’4″ length makes it suitable for individuals up to 6’10” in height, length can be easily adjusted.
4. Super lightweight, you can take it anywhere you go.


While more and more people are starting to join gyms in an effort to lose weight and get in shape, you can get a great workout from home just using your jump rope!
3 ways you can improve both your health and level of fitness:



1. Weight Loss – jumping rope for just 15 minutes will produce a caloric burn of approximately 160 calories.
2. Increase Cardiovascular Fitness – improves heart and vascular health, giving you greater ability to perform your daily tasks while being less breathless during activities.
3. Muscle Tone – exercising with a jump rope is a great way to improve muscle tone in your legs and lower body.


A little hard work and endurance goes a long way and you can feel very confident with our 5-year guarantee.



Start working out today to see the difference!


As I am in a healthy fitness routine sure was eager to give this a go and see if it worked for me,on opening I was met by a normal looking skipping rope.
Did wonder how this one differs from others to be honest with the appearance was not that frilled and did think it looked very cheap to say the item is around £16.97 

On using the speed rope did have a few problems as I am short has way too much rope but this can be combated as you can adjust the length which I have never seen or used on a rope before,went on and soon found my own rhythm and way of using the rope.

Was sure proved wrong by my first thoughts of the speed rope been cheap looking as it sure did not preform that way at all more of a pro rope was not excepting to get on with it as much as I have done.

Found the handles very good to grip and keep control of durability has been good up to press.

Do need to keep on using the rope for a few months to see if it holds up.

You can buy the speed rope over on Amazon –



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