Keshima Angled Contour / Blush Brush (UK) Review

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Is a new premium makeup brand by Better Living Solutions LLC, a trusted company in business since 2007, co-owned and operated by Myriam Maon.

Here at Keshima™ our goal is to make you, our customer, happy. We are dedicated to bringing high quality products at reasonable prices, and use only carefully chosen, high quality materials for all of our lines.

All Keshima™ products are subject to rigorous quality control standards and guaranteed to ensure your satisfaction.

Give us a try and we will make sure you won’t be disappointed!
I have been reviewing the Keshima Contour Angled Blush Brush!
ACCURATE, EVEN AND EFFORTLESS application of cheek contour and blush.
Picks up JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT of blush, bronzer and foundation.
HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS – Carefully chosen AAA cruelty-free goat hair.
NO SHEDDING – All Keshima brushes undergo a 7-step process during manufacture to prevent shedding.


RRP off £14.95 this angled blush brush is a useful beauty tool.
We can all get a little flustered when it comes to choosing make-up brushes as there is a huge selection.

Video review below to show you in real life how the brush looks plus works!

As I have said in the video I do have super sensitive skin and had no reactions to using the brush,does not drag on your skin.

Such a good dense brush with smooth fine ends they do undergo a seven step process to make sure they do not shed.
You can use the blush brush with powders and creams as I used a cream blush which worked very well

Now been using it for a good few week and absolutely delighted to be using Keshima blush brush and LOVE it one of my favourite beauty tools.

Also found the blush brush so handy in my day to day make-up routine and have carried on using it and sure do recommend the Keshima Angled Contour / Blush Brush .  


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