Happy 5th Birthday Millie!

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My daughter Millie turned 5 today its always a very emotional time for us all in our house as she was born 10 weeks early. 

Link to my birth story


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The morning started well as Millie was so giddy to go downstairs as take a look to see if the birthday fairy had been.

Does anyone think the birthday friary has been?
Of course she came and with her fairy dust sprinkling some birthday magic.
I have to admit left a few things too late one which was Millie cake, yes I know she wanted a Frozen cake but after seeing it was not much to it so went over to a little Asda not far from my work on my lunch break.
Was not expecting to find much as it was very small but came across a large Pinata Surprise Cake so ended up getting that as it did look so yummy.
But when it came down to the taste it was so disappointing the buttercream was way too much and so sickly but Millie did like hers so that was good.
Millie enjoying her food at a new play centre we found after she finished at school for the day.
 Playing with her new toys.
All in all it was such a nice day but towards the end I found myself in tears bringing all back the memories of what happened and “why me”  & “why did they not listen to me”
If you have read my birth story it will all make sense I will never forget how badly I was treated by the staff on the labour ward say “oh its only your water infection” when actually I was in premature labour. 
Millie is disabled with Hydrocephalus because of the lack of attention on my care.
She is my world my life I am so blessed to have her in my life.
So a huge Happy Birthday.xxx

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