MeasuPro OX100 Instant Read Pulse Oximeter Review #MeasuPro

 MeasuPro OX100 Instant Read Pulse Oximeter Review #MeasuPro
Disclaimer- Precious Little Worlds have been sent out a pulse oximeter for free in exchange for our honest opinion for the purpose of our blog, to report back to you the viewers our findings.
  • The MeasuPro Instant Read Pulse Oximeter provides accurate information about your blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rate.
  • The rotating easy to read screen makes measurements easily visible from many different angles. Features an OLED display.
  • To get a reading, simply place your fingertip inside the device. Has a comfortable, durable cushion while you take your measurements.
  • Designed to be small, compact, portable, and user friendly, includes an oximeter case for protection and neck lanyard so you can keep the device handy.
  • Powered by two AAA alkaline batteries and an easy access battery compartment. The device will automatically shut off after five seconds of inactivity.
Its so simple and easy to use –
Place the AAA batteries that come with the item in to the device switch on then place your finger in to the oximeter keep still and your reading will come up on the screen.


If you are not sure what all the reading you are getting then you have a information leaflet that tell you. 
I have been testing mine out with my gym work –  athletes may wear a pulse oximeter during exercise simply to monitor their oxygen levels during strenuous workouts.
But I am doing my gym workout as my wedding is coming up this May so very important I am doing it right to ensure adequate oxygenation.Very clever that can use at home or even pop in your gym bag.
As a suffer from Asthma this sure has serious benefits.  
The MeasuPro OX100 Pulse Oximeter is designed to accurately provide vital information about your blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rate through a simple, fast, and pain free process. It combines accuracy, durability, and convenience in one neat product and has an integrated SPO2 probe. This smart precision oximeter can be used to detect underlying illnesses such as cardiac insufficiency, respiratory diseases, asthma, or even heart failure.
 Uses two optical sensors: red light and infrared. The device can be used for anesthesiology and to diagnose sleeping disorders such as apnea. Suitable for athletes doing sports such as running, mountaineering, skiing, and aviation. Add this device to your list of exercise gear! Pilots can benefit by using this oximeter to monitor their oxygen saturation while high up in the air. Be Heart Healthy! This product is particularly suitable for people with heart failure, bronchial asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. Its handy, pocket size makes it compact, durable, lightweight, and portable so it is convenient to carry around and provides the maximum convenience. Its bright large size digits make measurements easily visible.
Crafted of high quality material with a fast response time read out. The pulse range is from 30bpm to 250bpm with a resolution of 1bpm. The accuracy measures +/- 2bpm or +/-2%. Sp02 range is 0% to 100% with a resolution of 1%. Accuracy is +/-2% – 70 – 100%. It features a five second auto shutoff function and the device will automatically power off due to inactivity. It will also display a low battery level indication.
The 4 direction adjustable display modes enhance the use of this product. Has a one button operation and SPO2 and Pulse Rate bar graph. Be on top of your health by measuring your readings regularly. This device includes a small size soft carrying case for protection of the device and a lanyard. This device makes oximetry easy, reliable, and convenient.
Test the pulse oximeter against someone who can manually take your pulse and oxygen saturation measurements if you have this opportunity. This way you can compare readings, and be sure that you choose the device that is the most accurate.
Highly recommend and for around £23.34 that includes batteries case and a string to attached your pulse oximeter.

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