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#Cube is the living canvas for the Instagram photos and videos that matter most to you. Finally liberated from your smart devices, #Cube passively streams the candids of your friends, family and favorite people to you throughout the day. Photos and videos are streamed in real-time, bringing them straight from Instagram to your #Cube.


Connect to your wi-fi and follow your choice of #foodie #foodporn #nomnom. Or follow your feed of your favorite foodies, like @jamieoliver,@chefaz@anthonybourdain @food52 and literally millions more. Or even create and follow your own hashtag for you and your food loving loved ones.


And grandparents. And aunts and uncles. Set up your own custom hashtag and share the kids moments with your loved ones around the world. Set up the #Cube once for Grandma and Grandpa, and they see your pictures from graduation, sports, and birthday parties. All automagically with a custom hashtag and #Cube.


There are millions of incredible photos on Instagram to provide inspiration for your next adventure. Using #Cube, you can stream them effortlessly to a real physical device, allowing your wanderlust to grow while being inspired  for your next world travel adventure.
Technology is coming on leaps and bounds each and every day, with image/pictures in our life’s on social media sites so what better way to bring some in to our homes with #Cube.
It is in USA $149.00 = £98.38 can be shipped to the UK.
To use-
Make sure the #cube is plugged into a power source one end in the back of the cube and the other end to your computer ect-
 #Cube Product Review & Discount Code




1 Power on the #cube by holding the circle button.
2 Login to your Wi-Fi and Instagram account.
3 Push and hold down the square button on top of the #cube to bring the Dashboard menu.
4 Single tap the “settings” icon.
5 Single tap “update” and then follow the prompts to download and run the software update.
The process of setting up is very simple even the display is crystal clear no problems seeing your images and yes it does videos with audio sound.
For the price of £98 I did kind of think it might let you link into your Facebook account and other networks so I do think it lacks on this but take-away that and you have a well solid #cube.
Very clever you have the ability to press the heart button at the top of the #cube which lets “Liking”  for your favourite pictures and feeds.
What makes the #cube
 Large Display – 8” square LCD display screen for exceptional picture quality
• Real-Time Photo and Video Feed – Instant, continuous streaming photos and video clips
• Rechargeable Battery
• Built in Wi-Fi – Includes free wireless software updates to enable new features and application support
• Great Design – Cube has a simple design that fits with any décor. The family can enjoy video and photo sharing without an ugly piece of equipment.http://www.hashtagcube.com/buynow/

Instagram: Hashtagcube
Facebook: Hashtagcube
Twitter: @Hashtagcube

This is sure cool piece of kit one for Instagram fans!


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