Popstick Christmas Crafts

 popstick Christmas crafts
These popstick Christmas trees are very simple to make and look very festive.
You will need-
.Popsticks (you can get them in craft shops)
.Glue Gun
Get your kids to get involved but adult supervision is always advised as they will need help with the glue gun.
Place something over your table or on the floor so you don’t get your best table all covered.
First take 3 popsticks with one of the sticks cut into half as shown below.
place the two full length sticks together making a triangle shape with your glue gun and place a blob of glue on the top of the stick and place the other one over it.
Then get one of the half’s of the stick and pop some glue on each side. Place it under the bottom of the two sticks making a Christmas tree shape.
With the other half place some glue on the upper part of the stick then place under the lower stick making a tree base – see picture below.
Take your craft jewels and glue onto the sticks
You can place some ribbon around one of them and place into your Christmas tree.
If your kids want to get more adventurous repeat the process and you can have your own garland to hang up!
 popstick Christmas garland
Have fun 🙂

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