Make Your Own Kids Christmas Hampers

 christmas hampers


Create your very own gift basket of goodies this Christmas…..


This is the first time I have attempted to make my own kids Christmas hampers and have to say was not sure how it would go but wanted to give it a try.
What I needed to stared my hamper off…
.Basket £5 each from HobbyCraft 
.Shredded Christmas Tissue Paper HobbyCraft
.Small ribbon & bows (red/geen) HobbyCraft
.Festive Bucket from The Range £1.99
.Snowflake from The Range
.Roll of clear cellophane film from The Range £3.99
.Wrapping paper 
 frozen hamper
My selection of Disney Frozen goodies for my daughter Millie, some are from the pound shop and Disney store.
Started by taken the basket and placing the shredded paper then placed the tin festive bucket into the middle.
I wanted the presents to be a surprise for my daughter so individually wrapped each gift with Frozen paper plus a fairy one.
Also placed a big chlorate coin as wanted my hamper for my daughter to have a few different items even putting in some magic show. You can find it in stores for round a £1.
After placing all the presents into the baskets I then took the challenge on with the cellophane wrapping, well I can tell you was not very good at it oppsss but gave it ago and the end result looked ok.
Placed snowflake around the top to finish the hamper off.
Did make one for my Son Alfie very similar but with Thomas gifts and placed one of the green bows on to the top.
Let me know if you have made your own hampers or going to give it ago after is.. many thanks for taking the time to read.

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