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Disclaimer- Precious Little Worlds have been sent out some items for free from Labels 4 Kids in exchange for our honest opinion for the purpose of our blog, to report back to you the viewers our findings.

About Labels4Kids

We are a multi award winning family run business based in Scotland , founded in 2004 by the Chartered Accountant Ann – Maree Morrison ( B.Comm , CA) , Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 and 2013.
When Ann – Maree became the mother of three active boys she realized that losing personal effects can upset the daily routine and replacing belongings can be frustrating and expensive . What every parent needed was a ready supply of labels which would be reliable and easy to apply . Labels4Kids was born.
From the beginning Ann – Maree believed that the great quality and great customer service would be at the forefront of her business. And this is still true today.  With Labels4Kids, satisfaction is guaranteed.
Our products may not be the cheapest I can find on the market, but we can guarantee that they will be amongst the best . Our labels will not dissolve, detach or crease and our products are manufactured in Great Britain. We have a wide selection of colours and designs and you can label almost everything – hats and coats, bottles. hockey sticks and sleeping bags. We also produce allergy warning labels, bands and badges – essential for travel. We have also expanded the range to include extra packages for travel, care home residents, and custom clothing of high quality ( with a separate checkout).
At Labels4Kids we believe in supporting children through our fundraising programs .
 Labels 4 kids
All you need to labels 25 garments in an easy-to-use Snappy Tag Kit. These great snap-on name tags are personalised tags that are etched with your name and can be removed and reused. Supplied with applicator. Great for care homes or boarding schools.
1. Place the strip containing the Snappy Backs in the bottom of the applicator and push until it clicks. Pop the etched Tag into the top of the applicator.


2. Insert the garment into the mouth of the applicator and press together until you hear it click. Open the applicator and the Tag is applied to the garment.


3. To apply the next Tag – pull the Snappy Back strip until it has clicked into place.


4. To reuse the Tag simply remove the Tag using the applicator removal section and re-apply to a new garment using a new Snappy Back. Discard the used Snappy Back.

Also a video that I made on how to use this the snappy tags.

I have been very impressed with the snappy tags and how easy it is to use on my daughters school uniform. Come in handy as only the other day Millie got her uniform top wet and had to leave it overnight at school to dry, so came in use having these tags on.

Personalised Bottle with Initial £15.00

Fantastic 600ml personalised water bottles including BOTH pop top and screw top lids. Your initial and name on a water bottle. Great quality with a felt bottom. Ideal for your child going back to school to identify their own water bottle.

The bottle is only to be hand washed and do love that you get two tops one which has a hook so will come in handy of your travels.

Vinyl Shoe Labels £12.99

High quality thick vinyl shoe labels that really will not fall off, scratch, crease or slip. Labels4Kids 40 vinyl shoe labels are sweat resistant, supplied with clear vinyl covers for added longevity: 23mm x 35mm.


Personalised Bag Tags £3.99

bold bag tags to help prepare you for back to school or holiday. Supplied with 20 mm split key ring. Size 54mm long * 85mm wide portrait.
These are so good to pop onto your kids school lunch boxes simple place the key ring hook
around the hole in the top,then place around your desired item.
Labels 4 Kids have a wide chose of products to pick from and personalised your own items.When you go to labels 4 kids website its very easy to navigate and to what you are looking
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