Update On World SpinaBifida + Hydrocephalus Day

Some of you might of seen our first post on World SpinaBifida + Hydrocephalus Day, we have a few updates for you to see what we have been doing. 
Made some jam and lemon butter icing buns with of yellow sprinkles as yes its a yellow theme


Nails painted!

A selection of picture from our day.



We went out to our local soft play and brought along Benny Bear which is the mascot for kids, and of course he shared some yummy food with Millie.
After came back home to tuck into a cup of tea and some of the buns we made.
We did try to do a few more activities but Millie with her Hydrocephalus gets very exhausted she fell asleep watching after watching Frozen.

For for information on SpinaBifida + Hydrocephalus please visit  http://www.shinecharity.org.uk/


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