SugarPoke Delicious Goodies Review

Disclaimer- Precious Little Worlds have been sent out some samples from SugarPoke for free in exchange for our honest opinion for the purpose of our blog, to report back to you the viewers our findings.

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Here at we provide luxury birthday cards along with delicious goodies to eat which make the perfect token treat, whether you’re looking to say hi, get well soon, thanks, happy birthday, happy Valentines Day, that was a great date, sorry, nice to see you…the list goes on!
Many of our pokes are letterbox friendly, so they’ll fit straight through most standard sized UK letterboxes – so no irritating hanging around waiting for deliveries! Plus, with the inclusion of our exclusively designed sugarpoke greetings cards, they’re just perfect for sending straight to the lucky recipients themselves. So say goodbye to scouring the shops for a card and then remembering to buy stamps and eventually post it – just sugarpoke instead! And with every one of our pokes priced including 1st class postal delivery, there’s no nasty surprises halfway through the checkout! And if you’ve cut it a bit fine, then feel free to upgrade to our next working day delivery service!The sugarpoke ethos is delicious fun – plain and simple – so all our products not only taste simply divine, but they’re named with a glint in the eye too – whether it’s Don’t Get in a Flap, Jack – great for pre-exam stress relief wishes, or Blimey, Minted! to congratulate a promotion or even to get in the good books of some lucky Lottery winner, as well as Bit of a Fruitcake for your nuttiest mate, get sugarpoking now, and you’ll be everyone’s top friend in no time at all!We have been reviewing the Salted Chocolate Balls’ Gift Set £8.99

If you choose to buy from SugarPoke you will find they are letter box friendly, what I mean by this is that is comes in a letter box size box wrapped up in red paper holding it together with a SugarPoke sticker to add the gift feel to your items.

And you have the added extra of selecting your own greetings card to give your gift that personal touch.

On opening this gift selection you will find two cello bags one filled with 100 g Salted Fudge and the other with 20 Milk Chocolate balls.

Both with have hand tied red ribbon around the bags with the SugarPoke logo on.
Each are clearly marked so you know which item is which just in case as you never know!

Added to the bottom you will find a sticker with the list of Ingredients plus best before date.


The Salted Caramel Fudge had the look of good quality fudge also may I add very generous size pieces of fudge.

Taste- I took a bite and soon could taste the creamy caramel fudge but soon after a huge hit of the fudge having the salted texture, unfortunately it was over salted for me I also gave some to my partner to try not telling him what I had thought about the fudge. He soon said the same “wow that’s over salted” .

Think we both agree that less salt for us on the fudge as it overpowered the whole fudge.

Huge fan of anything like the Milk Chocolate Balls some how reminds me of my childhood.

Had to get the kids involved with this one as well.

Very nice texture to them has that little bite to them I have to say and my two kids gave them the thumbs up for sure.

Do think SugarPoke is very good for those nice little gifts to give to people very well presented with the versatility of having gifts sent by post that that fit thought your door.

Very fast service had no problems.

I would of given 5 out of 5 but had to slip it down to 4 on this gift item due to the heavy handedness on the salt on the fudge.

SugarPoke of a wide selection to choose from such as –


‘Family Fun!’



‘Santa Baby’
Precious Little Worlds would like to say Thank You to SugarPoke for letting our blog review and report back our findings. 
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