Ohyo Collapsible Water Bottle Review & Giveaway

Disclaimer- Precious Little Worlds have been sent out some samples from OHYO for free in exchange for our honest opinion for the purpose of our blog, to report back to you the viewers our findings.
About Us
Ohyo used be called Aquatina. But we gave it a sports spout
so we thought we would also give it a new name.
The guy behind Ohyo is Guy Jeremiah – an environmental scientist from
Sheffield, UK. Guy came up with the idea of a collapsable water bottle
in 2008 after witnessing first-hand the environmental damage caused by bottled water.
RRP £4.49 per ohyo 500ml.
Packaging –

You will find your bottle packed in the collapsed position with cardboard packaging around the item and all sealed.

I personally think that the packaging is simple but effective,tells you clear on the front what the item is and how to use it.



Very proud to say its made in ENGLAND as unfortunately not many products are now a days so this was exciting to see that is was, and only made about 1 hour away from us.

On opening your collapsible water bottle its advisable to give it a quick rinse under the water tap.


How to use you simply lift the spout pull the bottle up, and fill it with your desired choice if drink.


As I have two kids myself and I work part time as a Dental Nurse I only really like to use water or milk for my kids in these bottles ,very occasionally they will have nature orange juice watered down but would stick more to water or milk as its the best for young kids.


 ohyo bottle

The bottles come in a wide variety of colours to choose from such as in the picture above of my son Alfie not only colours but yes characters such as the special addiction of Transformers bottles . These ones come with stickers so your kids can even have fun popping one on to the inner circle and the top of the bottle near the spout.

My daughter went for the pink one straight away.

Millie enjoying her milk!


*Good for the Planet*

Using (and re-using) an Ohyo avoids the need to buy environmentally-damaging bottled water.
Refill your Ohyo from the tap just twice and Ohyo is carbon neutral.

Easy to Clean

The wide neck makes Ohyo easy to wash up.
Or, if you are feeling lazy, you can stick your Ohyo in the dishwasher.
I think the bottles are fantastic for picnics other outings and a must have for in your toddler/kids changing bag as after use can flatten so more room in your bag.
The only problem I found was sometimes a little hard to to pop the bottle up but I think this was because of been new.
Ohyo not only have kids range they also can be for adults everyday , sports and outdoors which I have been looking at.So your whole family can benefit form them.
Do think they are also good for maternity bags would come in handy!
You can also add clips to the bottle to attach to what ever you want it to.They seem robust for the time that our family has been using them.

I know the summer is over but guys a must have for *festival* goers great use for round the camp-site.
You must click the spout tip back if you do not do this you will find the item will leak as you are not using the bottle correctly. 

And take the top of first then unfold the bottle.
Available at Boots & on-line.

A big Thank you to Ohyo for letting our blog Precious Little Worlds review and run a giveaway , for more information pop over to http://www.ohyo.me/



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