Frozen Dress Review From Otley Run Fancy Dress

Disclaimer- Precious Little Worlds have been sent out a Frozen fancy dress outfit for free from Otley Run Fancy Dress in exchange for our honest opinion for the purpose of our blog, to report back to you the viewers our findings.
Fancy dress-
My daughter Millie is 4 years old and is a huge fan of dressing up & imaginary play so when the opportunity came for our blog to review one of the Frozen outfits from Otley Run Fancy Dress Store, My first thoughts had to be her as she is too one of the Disney Frozen fans.
I let my daughter pick from “Anna” or “Elsa” dress I did have a feeling which one she would like and yes she went for Princess Elsa Costume 
RRP of £18.99 comes in sizes Age 2-3  3-4  5-6  7-8  9-10
Chose 3-4 for Millie as she is only petite from being 10 weeks premature.

About -Leeds Premier Fancy Dress Costumes Retailer

Welcome to the Otley Run and Fancy Dress Queen store.

We stock high quality, cheap fancy dress costumes for all occasions. If you’re going on a night out, attending a party, travelling away for a hen party or gearing up for Halloween, we have something for you. Our collection also includes a fantastic selection of cosplay costumes, fancy dress accessories, dazzling designer shoes and a range of catsuits that you won’t find anywhere else.
Since we opened in 2008, we’ve spent countless hours over the years looking for the very best fancy dress outfits and offer them at the lowest prices. We only operate online, which means you pay less for the costumes you love.
Our excellent range of high quality and value ladies fancy dress costumes are available worldwide and for collection in Armley (LS12) near Leeds City Centre for the Otley Run.
The dress arrived in standard plastic bag so if you are thinking about giving any of the outfits for a gift I would recommend doing your own packaging.On opening I had a good look round the dress to see if any problems and even checking the size and I could see no problems.

After taking some pictures for this review I got the exciting part of showing my daughter the new dress she would be helping me review and yes it was a hit , look for your self in this picture 🙂


You will find on the front of the dress a cure picture of Elsa which also is attached on to the dress with a badge style so if you wish to take it off you can.

We as a family go into a certain shop that has all Frozen & other characters in will not name it but their dresses range from £30 to £60 which for a family on a budgets can be costly.

Also compared the dress design to the one who are reviewing from Otley Fancy Dress to the others shop ones and could not find much difference to be honest so personally would pay for this one at £18.99 then £60 plus you have to remember its for dress up so I sure would be going for this one and saving some money.


Back of the dress has a snowflake deign on the trail
Millie was so excited to get into the dress the look on her face was out of this world, singing along watching the Frozen Dvd
Please note that the hair piece & accessories have been bought by myself they don’t come with this dress.
You also may notice that on the top half at the front is a shimmering light blue/green sequence which adds to the dress,With silver ribbon trims to link the dress in.
                                                                                                  The arms are of a very gentle textured material I did at first think we would have problems with this as my daughter has hypersensitivity to lots of products such as materials and lots of other elements. But have to say she coped very well did not complain once.
We had a fun filled exciting day having lots of fun dancing and singing
Why its important for kids to dress up – kids playing- dressing up helps develop communication skills not only is it fun but can help build kids confidence up, very good for children’s growth/development.
little ones engages in dress-up play, he or she represents himself / herself as someone else. and uses props to act out a role or tell a story. You could create a dress-up box for your child that includes everything from a doctor’s jacket to a police officer’s badge, imagination will kick into high gear.


The verdict 
Very pleasantly surprised and happy with the quality of the dress and does stand up to the test as we have had the item for a few weeks now and have no problems to report back.

Prompt quick shipment form the site.
I have only sponged cleaned and would only hand wash the Elsa dress.
A big thank you to Otley Run Fancy Dress for letting our blog review this outstanding dress.
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