Diet Chef Progress

Updates on how Diet Chef has been going for me,so the first week few weeks lost around 3lbs but I hit a brick wall for the other two weeks so gutted.
Have to say for us girls you know what I mean time of month & all that so been very bolted plus had some holidays to take from work,been stressing as my 4 year old disabled daughter with hydrocephalus has just started primary school so have a lot on my mind.
When this happens on any diet I kind of slip a bit and have not lost any more weight but putting this down to stress as personally I eat more and been off work so not as active.
Breakfast been having Chocolate Granola
 diet chef
A slightly more indulgent breakfast of rolled oats, coconut, almonds, cashew, hazelnuts and walnuts coated in melted Belgium chocolate and cocoa. Flavoured with a hint of Vanilla, some Golden linseeds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds for good measure… all toasted in the oven for a real chocolate hit. 40g 195 calories
Did not think I would like this as never been a great fan of Gronola on its own so poped in some natural greek yoghurt and this did the trick was so nice plus satisfying.
Lunch – Tomato Soup
 diet chef
A classic, simple flavour that really works. Take juicy ripe tomatoes and cook them with garlic, basil and a splash of olive oil and, for extra indulgence and smoothness, we add a dash of single cream.

Very simple. Very yummy. 300g 159 calories

Absolutely loved this it kind of reminded me of what my hubby cooks for me from fresh.
Snack – Salted Popcorn
May be hard to believe you can have popcorn on a diet, and these 23g bags are jam packed and full of fibre. For those with a more savoury tooth this is the perfect snack at home or at the cinema. 23g 107 calories
They are to die for in fact all the popcorn range they do as they are so light and felt so happy a sin free with them.
Now for the next week its kind of went belly up for me very mad with myself as did have the breakfast bars and cereals from Diet Chef but at lunch time as I was out had jacket potato with cheese & beans + a caramel latte.
Came back home after picking my daughter up from school so for dinner had some pasta bake and a huge bag of crisps , how silly I know.
Then when out the other days went to have a pizza and it was under 500cals so very good.
Weighed myself not good not lost anything so unhappy.
Now up-to-date got my butt into gear and back on it all so fingers crossed for next week will have lost some.
Blame myself but still don’t get why not lost any as been exercising I kind of got my head round it now been a few things stress time of month and so on, so now they work begins again.
I do think we all should have some off days but for me don’t think that works so full on everyday Diet Chef from now on.
                                                                                     Back on yes come on!

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