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Precious Little Worlds have been sent out the a selection of yummy goodies from Nature’s Path Organic for free in exchange for our honest opinion for the purpose of our blog, to report back to you the viewers our findings.

First up lets get to know a little more about the company.
We are a family-run, passionately independent, sustainably-driven, deliciously-healthy organic food company that believes in “leaving the earth better than we found it”. Yes, that’s quite a mouthful, but we have a lot to say. So yes, sometimes it’s OK to talk with your mouthful.
We got a fantastic selection to try out on our whole family-

               Nice & Nobbly Blueberry, Raspberry and Strawberry

             Gluten Free Granola with blueberries, raspberries, strawberries & yogurt chunks.
I have to say I have never been a big granola fan more into my breakfast bars and crunchy cereal such as the others in the range but they where surprisingly pleasant.
What I have found is to also try them with some natural Greek yogurt then top with your granola.
A cult favourite among the Nature’s Path portfolio, that is requested more than any other at events and exhibitions we attend. We think ‘delicious simplicity’ is the key to Munch’s success with a name that perfectly encapsulates what makes this cereal so irresistible.
A huge sugar kick way too much for my liking not sure I would like to give my kids this first thing before school ?
Holds shape well of the corn balls while in milk.
Rating 5 out of 10
Would I buy them again? – Not sure


The latest, most indulgent addition to our constantly evolving kids collection that provides young coeliac children with a tasty ‘everyday’ style cereal solution.
My 2 year old son Alfie went crazy over the Choco Much he just adored the taste of these very good if your child has a sweet tooth very happy that they did not taste as sweet as the others very nice balance.
Sure will be getting some more and not just for the kids 🙂
For those with gluten issues this is not a problems as they are gluten free.
 Rating 8 out of 10
 Would I buy them again? –  Yes

.                                           Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat Free

Millet Rice

If there was ever a cereal with an unshakeable following it would have to be Millet Rice. This offering is exclusive to the independent health food trade and online experts Ocado.
Personally the least favourite out of the selection that we have all been testing I just did not get on with the taste plus they ended up very soggy.
Rating 3 out of 10
Would I buy them again? No

           Berry Bobbly Rice Bites

Excellent packed full of berry goodness deferentially another good one for your kids, as I found out with my two.
A very satisfying healthy treat coming in a cost from £2.49 x 5 bars 110 cals per bar.
Neat choice for in kids lunch boxes or busy parents “on the go”  plus how good is this they are endorsed by Coeliac UK
Rating 10 out of 10
Would I buy them again? – yes

                                                Nice and Nobbly

An irresistible huddle of tangy cranberries, sweet almonds and crunchy peanuts mingled with pumpkin seeds, dried coconut, flax seeds and gluten free oats.
Incredibly moorish and extremely tasty – yes this one goes with me to work , you could have it for your breakfast or as a snack its up-to you.
Loving the cinnamon spice which gives the bar a lovely warm depth.
Found you do get a generous amount of nut & seeds inside your bar which is good to see as a pack of 5 are around £2.99 good value for money.
Rating 9 out of 10
Would I buy them again? – Yes
All in all Natures Path Organic have a wide variety of delicious goods to offer for the whole family to enjoy, you can find their items in most of your supermarkets so remember to look at for them.
Packaging on all the brand is very natural & especially love the little animal characters eye-catching for both kids plus parents.
Why not pop over to to see more information.

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