Lego Duplo New Building Range Review


Disclaimer– Precious Little Worlds have been sent out some samples from Lego Duplo for free in exchange for our honest opinion for the purpose of our blog, to report back to you the viewers our findings.
As a Lego Duplo official blogger Precious Little Worlds have been given an opportunity to let all our viewers in to some exciting new range from Lego Duplo.
We are all sure you know who & what they do but if not lets get to know about them more.


LEGO® DUPLO® is an unlimited source of creative play for preschoolers (ages 1 ½-5) . See your child imagine, create and explore whole new worlds with oversize LEGO bricks designed to fit perfectly in small hands.LEGO DUPLO bricks are called DUPLO because the dimensions are double the size of LEGO system bricks, and they are 100% compatible?

We believe that playing is the best way to learn for preschoolers – and with LEGO DUPLO there are so many ways to play. Start your child’s building career with a LEGO DUPLO building toy or head over to Apps or Downloads now for even more ways to play.


Play is fun, but as toy makers we take it very seriously. All LEGO DUPLO products are made to the highest possible standards of quality and safety – because for us playing safe is the only way to play.We are very proud that parents consider LEGO DUPLO toys some of the safest in the world – and even prouder that they allow our toys to play a small part in their children’s

We’ve got 44 years of experience with children’s play patterns, so we know what children of any age are going to do to their toys before they do.All our designs are required to pass rigorous bite tests, pull tests, pressure tests and step tests -all things children will invariably do to even their most favourite toys.

The first few years of a baby’s life are precious for parents. There’s nothing quite like watching children take their first uncertain steps or hearing that magical first word.Even after having learned their first words, children will explore the world and express themselves mainly through play – in fact, playing is the very first ‘language’ we all learn. And watching your child play is your way of listening.

From age 1 ½, you can start stacking LEGO DUPLO bricks together or look at different colour combinations. It probably won’t be too long before your child has acquired the fine motor skills to do some basic stacking without your help. You can also practice animal names and sounds together with Rabbit, Giraffe and the other DUPLO animals.


Your child still learns by playing – and with the onset of imagination comes the urge to go shopping, have tea parties or drive great, big busses. Pretend busses, of course. Copying grown-ups and our activities is your child’s way of getting to understand more about the world at this age.Your child will also probably start putting LEGO DUPLO bricks together to make small towers – and just as probably knock them over straight away and start over. That’s just your child’s way of saying “Practice makes perfect”. All this practice will be followed by more creative building and lead to an improved understanding of shapes and colours.

Your child will still love all sorts of animals – including Rabbit and his DUPLO friends – and be very interested in stories and talks about where they live and what they eat.


At age 3, your child will begin to love company – and especially playing together. There’s so much to learn for a three-year-old, but with a little encouragement and praise from Mum and Dad everything becomes exciting and worth learning.Although the old familiar LEGO DUPLO bricks, animals and figures will still be important to your child, a lot of the time will be spent role-playing and playing pretend. Don’t be surprised if you happen to overhear some spectacularly funny conversations on make-believe calls along the way.


They speak in questions. That’s four-year-olds in a nutshell. Your child is incredibly curious about the world and everything in it, so prepare to answer all sorts of questions. We bet at least one of them will have you stumped and become the stuff of family legend – you know, the kind your child will be embarrassed to hear repeated in a graduation speech down the line.Four-year-olds enjoy playing with friends and their creative building with LEGO DUPLO will become more and more advanced. You can help to trigger your child’s imagination and spark new ideas by combining different LEGO DUPLO sets – what happens, for example, when Cinderella takes an elephant for a ride in the fire truck? Or when the Princess Castle doubles as a rocket?

       Now you know more about them lets go on to the item we have been reviewing-
 lego duplo
Lego Duplo have launched nine exciting new building sets including superheroes range we got the change to get our hands on the Knights Treasure Attack building set.
RRP oF £24.99
Hide in the tree and launch apples from the catapult to seize the treasure from the traveling knight and his horse-drawn carriage! Then rush back to the castle tower to keep it safe and look out for intruders. Introduce young children to history and role-playing with this exciting, knight-themed set. They will love creating endless medieval stories and will master basic construction skills as they build and rebuild this model. Includes 3 knight LEGO DUPLO figures.
Suitable for builders aged 2 – 5 years.
I personally set up the building for my kids to review as some of the items come in plastic wrapped bags.
You will also find enclosed in your box instructions how to build your item which was very good for me as it told me step by step how to do this.
It did take me around 5-10 minutes to get it all build that’s because I was also taking pictures for this blog post so I’m sure it would not take that long for others.
 lego duplo
As soon as I set it up well who comes over and says to me “wow mummy” my two year old son bless him,the only thing is has to say he can be a bit heavy handed with toys we did have to fix some of the parts back on again.
What I love about any Lego item its just timeless classic but I am sure loving the new twists as each year goes on to see more up to date characters.


                                               My Alfie having fun playing
When my daughter saw Alfie playing with this set well she just had to join in,Millie is 4 years and has a huge imaginative play and has for a while.
He kept on saying “ohhh treasure”  as with this set is a little treasure chest.
Millie kind of knew how and more to interact with the Lego Duplo as having lots of problems in her little life as she is disabled with hydrocephalus its very important in kids play to play role even more so for Millie.
My kids loved that you can remove the swards and swap them around,Millie enjoyed doing some very creative play and chatting/story telling.
.Lego Duplo bricks are made from non-toxic material which makes it safe for kids.
.Brightly coloured bricks making it more eye-catching & to grab the attention of children and stimulate their minds.
.Playing with Lego Duplo allows toddlers to practice their motor skills and develop their creativity, which they can use later in life.
.Lego Duplo toys allow your children’s imagination to blossom as your young ones learn how to role play and create stories with the toys.
They are also very durably so even when they are thrown all over the floor or even dropped they will still be in working order.
Lego Duplo have also got some other fantastic items such as-
Batcave Adventure £39.99
Superman Rescue £14.99
Read & build with mickey mouse £12.99
The new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cafe set from Lego Duplo is a collection perfect introduction to building fun whilst encouraging your little one to read along.
Featuring iconic Disney characters,the easy-to follow illustrated instructions and big bright Duplo bricks are made just for budding builders.
Please pop over to  for lots more information.
Many thanks to the amazing PR Team Over At Lego Duplo ,we at Precious Little Worlds are very honoured for you to let our blog be involved with your outstanding products.

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