Equip+ Waterless Wash Review & Competition

Disclaimer– Precious Little Worlds have been sent out some samples from EQUIP+ for free in exchange for our honest opinion for the purpose of our blog, to report back to you the viewers our findings.

About Us

EQUIP is a ‘waterless wash’. We recognize that not all of us can shower easily, and sometimes we’re not in a place where traditional bathing options are even available.
So we have developed a range of large pre-moistened wipes, wash mitts, protective wipes and a truly innovative shampoo cap; all designed for any situation. From taking care of young children or elderly relatives, to feeling fresh again in a crowded tent at a music festival, EQUIP waterless wash solutions are totally portable and totally reliable.
It’s good to be EQUIP’d
 equipWe ware given 3 products from them to try-

Waterless Shampoo Cap £3.69

We’re going to let you in on a little secret: you don’t need water to clean your hair. Seriously. Which is just great news for anyone who has spent hours in the queue for a broken shower at a festival, or someone having difficulty showering but wanting clean and fresh hair. Our waterless wash shampoo cap is really easy to use.  Cover all your locks with the cap, and massage your head for a couple of minutes to release the shampoo and conditioner. This action cleanses the hair and scalp.  No rinsing required.  Just towel dry your hair and style to finish.  Simple and effective for all ages.
The cap can also be microwaved so it is nice and warm – simply pop the unopened pack into the microwave (750W) for 10 – 15 seconds (check temperature before using – microwave times vary).

To order simply add to cart and choose quantity of packs at checkout. Each pack contains 1 cap

I have to say sure was very intrigued by this product when first looking what the cap does.

My hair needed washing that day anyway so what perfect timing to test this out,do have to say was very that’s yes very puzzled by this one.

Followed all the instructions on the packaging even massaged my scalp while the cap was on doing this for a good few minutes all I seemed to get was just water dripping down my face and not much else.
All in all my honest opinion for the shampoo cap was not a very good one sorry to say just did not see the point, don’t know if it was me missing something but just did not get on with it at all.

Protective Wipes £3.00

Because staying healthy challenges come in all shapes and sizes, we’ve devised a range of pre-moistened waterless protective hygiene wipes, designed for your most intimate places.
Specially formulated with Canadian Willow Herb, an anti-itch ingredient, EQUIP waterless wash wipes work to protect skin integrity and maintain well-being.
6-in-1 action to cleanse, moisturise and protect. Large size for effective coverage. Clinically tested and safe for skin

To order simply add to cart and choose quantity of packs at checkout. Each pack contains 24 wipes.

Perfect for a quick freshen up in your gym bag or yes even at work on red hot days come on people we all know it does get a little sweaty from time to time in our intimate places.I don’t think anyone should be embarrassed about this as we are all human.
Camping again a wonderful use .

Personally found them very good and I have very sensitive skin and do have to watch what I use, did not have any problems.

Oversized Wipes £3.00

Why are they oversized? So they can help get more of you cleaner, quicker! The large surface area makes it easier to get around your body for a soothing, just showered feeling.
With a blend of coconut extract, aloe vera and Karanja nut… hmmm, quite luxurious, wouldn’t you say?
And because they’re grown-up wipes, it means you use fewer sheets.
Dermatologically tested and pH balanced, so they’re mild and kind to skin.

To order simply add to cart and choose quantity of packs at checkout. Each pack contains 24 wipes
I absolutely loved everything about these wipes as a keen festival goer I sure can see them been perfect on the campsite.
They are even good if you are going on a long travel to see friends & family.
Do think its so good they are moisturising and deodorising the size of them is outstanding never seen any wipes as big as these.EQUIP are available to buy in Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

For more information please visit –

Shop: www.equipwaterlesswash.com
Website: www.waterlesshygiene.com
Twitter: @equipwash
Facebook: facebook.com/equipwaterlesswash

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