Autumn Themed Sensory Play

 autumn themed sensory play


Today as its been not so good weather we have been thinking of some sensory activities and came up with an Autumn themed sensory play.
Some of you might remember that I bought a fantastic bargain last week which was the sand & water table from Tesco’s coming in at only £4.39 as a clubcard holder you could get more from your points.
As £5 = £10 in value so should of been £14.39 but got it for £4.39 
So I set about going to my local Country Baskets to see what I could find and sure was not disappointed as they had a huge selection of Autumn wonders.
Found some
Mini pumpkins & pine-cones
Plastic Autumn gems
Silver balls
Autumn coloured bits of wood
Wooden stars
Some larger red balls + other bits
Then placed them all in the table for my two kids to play with, have to say is more for my daughter who is disabled with hydrocephalus as she has a lot of problems one been sensory.
 autumn sensory
Very simply & the best thing about it is that its was not very expensive so are more cost effective way. If your a family like me and cant afford the prices of sensory products at high value this one is perfect.
Utilize sensory input from the start as its so important for development as they learn though engaging activities such as these.


  • helps build neural connections that support thought, learning, and creativity.
  • Sensory play supports language development, cognitive growth, fine/gross motor skills, problem solving/reasoning, and social interaction.


                                                         And having fun!

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