August Degustabox Review

Disclaimer– Precious Little Worlds have been sent out a hamper of food from Degustabox for free in exchange for our honest opinion for the purpose of our blog, to report back to you the viewers our findings.



For an exciting selection of food products by known brands, subscribe to to receive surprise goodies delivered to you every month!
I have been hearing lots of good things on my social network sites about the Degustabox so when our blog got the chance to review the August box have to say got a little excited!

Just a few bits to get you more familiar with what they do and offer-

When do I receive my Degustabox?
Your Degustabox with arrive between the 25th and 30th of each month.
What will I find in the Degustabox?
You will receive a variety of exciting food products, the items in the box will be a surprise but we can say one thing, you will always find something new and delicious!
Do I need to pay for anything extra?
Once you have paid for the box, £12.99 including shipping, that’s it, nothing more
I have received my first Degustabox, what next?
If you are satisfied with your box, continue with your subscription, if not, cancel your subscription before the 10th of the month by sending an email to
A product in the Degustabox arrived in poor condition, what do I do?
No problem, send us an email to: and we will send you a new one immediately.
Do I need to subscribe to receive a box?
Yes, it is a monthly subscription but there is no commitment involved, you can unsubscribe at anytime.
Are my card details authorised?
Upon registering, restarting regular deliveries, reactivating your account or changing card details, a £2 payment may be taken from your card in order to authorise it and prevent fraud. This payment will be immediately voided, but some banks may temporarily reflect these against your account balance.
Can I order more than one box per month?
Yes of course, but remember all boxes are the same each month, if you want to order more than one please subscribe using details of the intended recipient.
How do I unsubscribe?
Unsubscribe by sending an email to before the 10th of the month.
My box has been slow to arrive. How can I check its status?
To check your box status we will send you a tracking number as we send your box out. If your box hasn’t arrived before the 30th send us an email and we will solve it immediately.
So now you all know more what they offer will now go on to tell you what you can get inside your boxes.
Oh yes my Degustabox came and have to say did get a little giddy oppsss !
Your Degustabox will come in a cardboard box with their logo around the outside and on opening you quickly notice the very well presented paper wrapping with a sticker saying
Enjoy me!
you will find most delicate items individually bubble wrapped.
The Pasquier family began baking brioche in 1936 in a small bakery in the West of France. Based on a traditional recipe, our Pain au lait are made using the finest ingredients to make a light, airy, moist brioche roll you can enjoy with your favorite filling.
Croissants au Buerre
A traditional French breakfast wouldn’t be the same without an all butter croissant. Ours are prepared using processes authentic to the original bakery, perfect when warmed in oven. All of the Brioche Pasquier traditional range is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.
Just For You Hearts
The Lindt HELLO Just For You Heart Chocolate Tin is the perfect chocolate gift for that someone special or even a great little treat for yourself! Each adorable heart shaped tin contains 10 delicious melt-in-your-mouth Lindt milk chocolate hearts.
Nice to sweet you! I’m a tiny tin of chocolate hearts, just for you…and your tummy 🙂
                   BERRY WHITE £1.59
Fruit Drinks
We love the taste of our drinks, and we’re sure you and your children will too. We’ve carefully balanced exotic superfruits and healthy extracts to give you an amazing taste sensation with a lightness that refreshes.


Our drinks are perfect alongside food as well as on their own. Think lunchtime, a mid morning or afternoon refresher, or an ice cold quencher on a summer day.
Our award winning range of tonic waters and other mixers are made with the highest quality natural ingredients sourced from small specialist producers around the world. As a result our drinks taste clean, subtle and balanced making them the choice of mixer in 7 out of the top 10 restaurants in the world.
Flavour Shots
Flavour Shots from Schwartz are delicious recipe bases containing a unique blend of herbs, spices and seasonings infused in sunflower oil to give you amazing tasting meals. Simply spoon into your pan, add the meat and/or veg with a few store cupboard ingredients, simmer and serve. There are 8 delicious recipes to choose from.
Kids’ Blends
Cawston Press Kids’ Blends are specially blended for tiny taste buds. We take our gorgeous pressed juice and shake it up with 40% water for a lighter juice drink. Of course, our juice isn’t from concentrate, there’s no added sugar and we never add anything artificial.
My two year old took to this so much he just loved it.
Edible Cupcake Cases
Dr. Oetker Edible Wafer Cases are pink and blue wafer baking cases which you can eat. There is no need to remove the case, you can now eat the whole cupcake with no waste or mess! Use instead of paper baking cases when baking cupcakes for an extra special addition to your baking. Edible Wafer Cases are bake stable, and do not need to be baked in a muffin tray- they can be baked on a flat baking tray. Each pack contains 3 pink and 3 blue Edible Wafer Cases.
Very excited to see this as a keen baker myself I love to bake with my 4 year old daughter.
Do get a little fed up with messing about with normal bun cases and sometimes half of it gets stuck on the bun so what a good clever idea with these edible cases.
Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips
Born from a desire to bring mouth-watering Mexican flavours to the masses, Mexican Dave’s legendary tortilla chips have landed. Mexican Dave’s chips, without compromising on ingredients, flavour or quality provide an alternative tortilla at a great value price- nothing artificial- cooked in sunflower oil- no MSG
Strawberry Daiquiri
Feeling exotic? Want to bring some sunshine into your life? Caribbean Twist, the UK’s number one* pre-prepared cocktail drink is a mouth-watering range of sparkling, fruit flavoured alcoholic cocktails that bring you the taste of the Caribbean. Caribbean Twist takes the hard work out of creating a cocktail. Just pour a chilled bottle of Caribbean Twist over ice and enjoy for an easy, perfect, and great tasting cocktail every time! And, because there are a wide variety of flavours, Caribbean Twist is ideal for enjoying with friends.
That’s all the food you get in one box wow a huge amount of goodies to get creative with & don’t forget you get a recipe card to guide you along + free coupon for MOMA RRP of £2.99 just pop into one of your Waitrose or Sainsburys to collect .
I also did a recipe with the tortilla chips made some yummy nachos form them –
Tin of Heinz veggie chili beans and pulses
Block of cheese


Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips (from Degustabox)

Optionals  sour cream + others
You can add or do what you would like to do but I first put some of the tortilla chips on a plate
Then placed a tin of Heinz veggie chili beans and pulses in a pan to warm up
While waiting then grate a good amount of cheese
Place some of the chili over the chips then pop a layer of cheese over the top then repeat again by placing another layer to chips and so on, if your cheese has not melted enough place in microwave for a few seconds then enjoy!
 food, food box, food delivery, food products
We as a family have got so much use out of the box as at first I did not know what to expect or even if it would be good in our house but can honestly say “yes” we love it & a big thumbs up.
Well worth over the amount you pay for your monthly subscription very good value for money.
Degustabox is priced at just £12.99 per month  
Oh yes now your chance to get your hands on a discount code for £3.00 off when registering using the code H65MU on your first box over on –

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