Improvement Notice For Cosatto Owners


Last year we identified a problem affecting the front mounting bracket of Giggle. In a small number of cases in early batches this caused
the folding mechanism on the chassis to fail.
In addition to working with our factory to correct the issue at source, we reached out to our customers offering a free product improvement
service. This was to enhance the performance of product in affected batches identified from our information at the time.

However, our latest market feedback following a number of failures particularly during recent heatwave conditions indicates that a
very small percentage of chassis within later batches are now being affected. We therefore feel it is appropriate to extend our action as
identified below.

Please note: If your product went through the product improvement service last year, or your batch number is after that identified, your
product is not affected and no further action is required.

Do you have one of these Giggles?

How to find the batch reference of your Giggle.
The batch reference can be found on a sticker on the inside leg of your assembled Giggle chassis (left hand side as you push it). The
pictures below will show you how to find it:
You can additionally confirm the “product name” and “colourway” from this sticker. If the sticker gives the product name as anything other

than GIGGLE, or the colourway as anything other than BIZZY BETTY, ALL STAR, GOLIGHTLY, PABLO, SUNNY or TREET then you don’t need to take any further action – your product is fine to continue using.


If your Giggle shows a batch reference of week/year of 33/2013 or earlier, we need to retrofit an enhanced replacement part. To do this, we
have set up a dedicated priority courier service to collect and return the chassis to you within a four-day* turnaround time, at no cost. If your
Giggle has a batch reference later than week 33/2013 then you are not affected by this notice and your product is fine to continue using.

Provided information from Coastto all rights and pictures to – only making people aware.

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