Carddies Great Activities To Keep Your Kids Entertained On The Go

Disclaimer – We have been sent by Carddies one of there sets for free in exchange for our honest opinion for our blog
What are Carddies?
Carddies are little Card People to colour in and play with for hours
  • They come in fun sets:  some sets are ready now, and many more are on their way!
  • Carddies sets appeal to girls and to boys aged 3 to 99!
  • Each Carddies set has double sided little Card People and a scene to colour in, high quality Carddies colouring pencils, and plastic stands which all bring the Carddies to life
  • Carddies are packaged in a perfect, robust card box. You can carry them everywhere!
  • Carddies are made in the UK using premium materials made to last
Where did Carddies come from?
Carddies are hand drawn by two mothers for their children and friends, who never tire of them and are always asking for more.
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Your Family 1 Set 
Price: £8.99
  • 12 double sided, hand-drawn characters made of white,premium card
  • a hand-drawn card scene
  • 12 high quality FSC Carddies colouring pencils
  • 12 plastic stands
All the contents are packaged in a perfect, durable card box
Packaging in very minimal which is good to see, love the look of the box very eye-catching for kids.
Everything is neatly packed away in the little hideaway box
Sure think its fantastic to get your kids colouring but not only that to combined getting your little ones imaginations running also is a bonus.
Millie and I fist started off going through our family and wanting to colour each of us in, as my daughter is 4 years old she was very happy to do this but also have a two year old son who wanted to get involved but this is kind of aged for 3+ which I can understand as my son was not understanding much apart from pinching coloured pencils from her sister.
Did eventually get Millie on her own so she could keep colouring in and when she saw the card scene well that was it she would not stop chatting and saying ” I love my grandad he makes me laugh”.

What is so good also is you can pop a little stand onto your characters so your kids can play out senses as Millie did telling the tales of what she had been doing even spotting the bunny rabbits saying “that’s like bella our bunny”.

Very handy if you are going on long travels in the car as its small enough to fit into your bags or if you have a travel activity pack for round your kids car seats as we do they can use it so they don’t get board.

All in all Precious Little Worlds have enjoyed reviewing for Carddies and we think its a clever idea with very good durable material of sturdy card.
Double sided is brilliant so even your little ones could give it a whirl.
Good for kids party’s to keep them entertained, important for companies to think about the environment when they source their products.
The only Cons we could find is that it is a little more pricey then other colouring activities we have had  and that the plastic discs are quite easy to lose.
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