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Have you seen the new Slim-Be weight loss management drinks !

well if so and you are going to buy them don’t make the same  the mistake as I did going in to Holland & Barrett and paying a whopping £25 for 1 box well I have the answer on saving you some money . I ended up in B&M and guess what caught my eye.
Yes you got it Slim-Be the same box but for £5

Save Money And Go To B&M – £5

If you’re not sure what its all about will give you some information.
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Slim-Be is an instant shot mix that is proven to help you:
  • To eat less
  • Reduce your weight
  • Manage your weight
Slim-Be contains konjac, a glucomannan, which according to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) can help with weight loss as part of an healthy eating plan.
Slim-Be helps you take control of your weight – easily!
If you would like to lose weight in a safe and controlled way you should try Slim-Be.
Many of us are overweight and we know we’d feel better about ourselves if we could loose a few pounds. But dieting is difficult and most people lack the will power needed to avoid reaching for that snack when we feel hungry.
Slim-Be works by suppressing your appetite so that you don’t even feel hungry.  It sounds good already doesn’t it?
Convenient and easy, Slim-Be slips into your pocket: Slim-Be comes in a convenient sachet that you just mix with water or milk (ideally, skimmed milk), Slim-be is discreet and fits in your handbag. You also don’t need to be on a diet to use Slim-Be.
Slim-Be can help you eat less at meal times, cut out snacking and over time stop your weight from yo-yo’ing. It’s ideal to shed the pounds and keep the weight off.
As soon as you start you will notice the positive effects.
Slim-Be comes in three delicious flavours to suit all tastes. You can now order Slim-Be in:
  • Orange flavour (with Vitamin C)
  • Strawberry flavour
  • Vanilla flavour
What are the active ingredients in Slim-Be? The natural ingredients in Slim-Be work together to help you feel full, and stay feeling full.
Slim-Be contains all-natural ingredients.
Slim-Be shots contain a konjac blend. Konjac is a soft, water-soluble fibre that’s derived from a plant and has been used in making noodles and pasta in the Far East. It will help you feel fuller without leaving a bloated feeling.
Strawberry and Vanilla Slim-Be also contains soya,  a good source of protein. Three sachets of Slim-Be provide almost a quarter of your recommended daily allowance of protein.
Orange Slim-Be contains Vitamin C, which contributes to the normal function of the immune system. One sachet of Orange Slim-Be also provides your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C.
Whichever flavour shot you take, each contains 1g of konjac that swells in your stomach leaving you feeling full. This stops you wanting to snack and eat too much without demanding the tremendous will power needed for dieting.
How does Slim-Be help put me back in control?
Slim-Be is a pleasant strawberry, orange or vanilla flavoured shot that makes you feel full very soon after drinking it. You can stay full by drinking at least 2 litres of fluids a day as this keeps expanding the Slim-Be. This gets over the biggest hurdle of dieting – the willpower needed when you’re feeling hungry.
Eat less – because that’s all you want: If you don’t even feel hungry then you can reduce your weight by eating less, achieving your target weight quickly and safely.
How does Slim-Be work? The active ingredients in Slim-Be are naturally occurring, including konjac, an ingredient used in many Asian noodles. See What’s in Slim-Be for more details.
Slim-Be stops you feeling hungry: When you are starting to feel hungry and you know you would normally reach for a snack then simply mix a sachet of Slim-Be with water or milk (ideally skimmed milk) to make a pleasant flavoured drink.
Konjac is a soluable fibre that can also support good digestive health. It gets to work straight away by expanding in your stomach and leaving you feeling full. That way you are not tempted by food you don’t need.
Slim-Be helps you stay feeling full: Slim-Be helps to keep hunger at bay and so helps you to cut out the snacks and eat less at meal times. The more fluid you have, the feeling of fullness continues throughout the day. This helps you go longer without eating but it does not make you feel uncomfortable.
Stay at the weight you want: Once you get to the weight you desire you can stay there more easily by using Slim-Be as part of your new eating regime.
Slim-Be can be taken for as long or as short a period as required. As an example you may want to reduce weight to fit into a party outfit, before going on holiday or indeed to help shift those extra holiday pounds. Slim-Be starts taking effect as soon as you take your first stick.

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