Learn Through Sensory Activities

 sensory foam

If you are looking for some outdoor activities for your kids this summer then this one is sure fun.

Why not combined fun & messy play together with sensory foam a fantastic way for your kids to learn and play.

Why sensory play & what are the benefits 

Activity such as this stimulates your young child’s senses –  touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. Also sensory play can be calming, allowing your child to engage in play activities that appeal to their senses is important.

 -Sensory play gives children something new and exciting to experience
– Sensory play helps kids comprehend items in their environment
– Sensory play assists youth in processing and creating meaning out of their life experiences
– Sensory play helps develop and engage memory in the brain
– Sensory play makes the data collection process function more effectively for children
– Sensory play speeds learning
– Sensory play increases awareness of a child’s body
– Sensory play strengthens the sense that a child is engaging
– Sensory play can provide comfort and calm for a cranky, irritated child
– Sensory play can motivate and excite a lethargic child and get them moving.
As I have a daughter with sensory issues and has some autistic traits from been disabled with hydrocephalus its very important to our family to keep her brain simulated but with a good balance of this.
I thought it would be a good idea to make some sensory foam.
What you will need –
Natural soap flakes ( you can buy a bar of natural soap)
Warm Water
Electric Whisk
Food Colourings
How to make – 
Grate round a cup full from your natural soap bar

Add round 2 & a half cup fulls of warm water

Take your electric whisk and let it whisk till you have fluffy foam

Add your choice of food coloring and fold in then you are done.

You could even divide some foam mixture before adding your colour so you can have a few colours or even make up another batch its upto you !




Have fun & enjoy with sensory play.

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