The Baby Show NEC 2014

So who went to the amazing Baby Show, the UK’s Biggest Pregnancy and Parenting Event,


At the NEC Birmingham on 16-18 May 2014 ,well, yes, we did at Precious Little Worlds.


Birmingham from the 16th to 18th of May 2014. Hundreds of trusted brands, including Maxi-Cosi,

Britax, Mothercare, iCandy, Babies R Us, Fisher-Price and tommee tippee, will showcase top of the ine infant essentials alongside new and innovative baby products as well as trendy clothing for
babies, toddlers, mums and mums to be. Visitors attending The Baby Show will also have access to exclusive offers and fantastic savings that can’t be found on the high street.

At the show, experts in all things baby-related will be on hand to offer tips and insight across a wide variety of pregnancy and child development topics. Along with providing invaluable advice, they’ll be discussing techniques to help reassure and guide parents through the early years of parenting. Experts include:


Michelle Heaton – Michelle Heaton will exclusively debut her new pregnancy exercise DVD‘Active Pregnancy’, which features three unique programmes tailored to each of the three  trimesters of pregnancy.

Professor Robert Winston – The much loved professor, medical doctor and BBC presenter
will be providing tips and advice on baby development.

Clare Byam-Cook – Retired nurse, midwife and breastfeeding expert, Clare will speak on

breastfeeding, how it works and what to do if it goes wrong. Clare’s expertise has been

called upon by a host of high profile celebrities including: Kate Winslet, Lily Allen and Helena Bonham Carter.

Annabel Karmel –The leading baby nutritionist and best-selling author will discuss nutrition
during pregnancy and the myths and truths of feeding.
Jo Tantum – Baby sleep expert, best known for her ability to get any baby sleeping 12 hours

through the night, will share her sleepytime secrets.
The Natal Family – From birth workshops to baby colic, potty training to sleepless nights,

dads role at birth to preparing a sibling for a new arrival, The Natal Family offers support for all stages of pregnancy and parenthood.
Xaviera Plas Plooij – Daughter of authors Dr. Frans and Dr. Hetty who wrote the worldwide
bestseller ‘The Wonder Weeks’, Xaviera will be discussing the 10 major, predictable, agelinked
changes – or leaps – each baby goes through during the first 20 months of their lives
and how to use this research to aid in baby development.
Sarah Noble – Consultant Midwife at Birmingham Women’s Hospital and part of the
Homebirth Team. The Birmingham Women’s NHS Foundation Trust have found that 98% of
home births result in normal birth compared to only 77% in hospitals following a study of
65,000 women. In light of the finding and launch of the new Birmingham unit, Sarah and her team will be at the show educating expectant parents on home birthing options.
In addition to the choice of exhibitors and expert speakers, The Baby Show makes shopping easy for parents and parents-to-be, who are encouraged to use the essential facilities provided to ensure a stress free day. Areas include:



Emma’s Diary ‘Shop & Drop’ and ‘Collect by Car’ service, available throughout the

weekend. Visitors can drop off all shopping bags for some hands-free shopping time and

either collect before leaving or head to the car hands free and drive around to pick up their



Fisher-Price Crèche

tommee tippee Feeding Area

Dedicated Changing Area.

I have been to so many baby shows and have to say the Nec  is the best one for us as a family, Me my partner my son & daughter going to the show. Got in as press for my blog to report back on all our findings.

Saturday traveling down to stop off at the baby show before we go on our holiday to Norfolk straight after.
Took around a hour and a half so not that bad, parked in disabled parking as my daughter has hydrocephalus, but still had to pay £10 to park ekkkkkk. Seems a standard procedure now a days with venues with parking charges I do wish they would include it with purchasing event tickets, but most car parks are private and nothing to do with the place you are at.

Was very busy getting into the doors of the Nec, first had to pop over to the press office to collect my press pass and publication for the event.





A lovely press goodie bag for all us bloggers very kind and thank you so much.I was very keen on checking out the NUK stand on E146 as I have used NUK products right from the beginning with my two kids, but especially with my daughter Millie. As I first got introduced to the brand in special care baby unit as Millie spent over 14 weeks in SCBU / NICU.  Nuk prem baby teats when trying to get Millie to feed from my expressed milk in a bottle as to try to get her to feed this way then been tube fed all the time.

Also on this stand was the first showing of BoiKido Toys UK








BoiKido’s world is a peaceful world where children play in total freedom.
BoiKido was launched in 2003 by a group of French designers who met at art school and wanted to create the toys that they dreamt of as children.Round shaped and brightly coloured, BoiKido wooden toys offer a constraint-free playing environment for your child that blends in perfectly with the family home.

Wooden toys are of superior quality; they are reliable and long lasting and can be handed d…own from generation to generation. Soft to touch with a high quality finish, BoiKido toys are an integral part of both your child’s room and the family home.

BoiKido offers a range of the highest quality wooden toys each designed to entertain and educate. The BoiKido range grows with your child, from the Twist Caterpillar which helps children from 6 months+ to develop their motor skills right up to the Lacing Numbers game which will help children aged 36 months+ to learn to count.

There is a BoiKido wooden toy for every child and every need.

They had a huge 50% off all products, I ended up buying BoiKido’s
Workbench with constructions for my son’s 2nd birthday in June.
This beautiful workbench allows children to role-play and build as many projects as their imagination allows! Instructions for 5 x projects included. Pack includes a full set of accessories.
  • Suitable for children from 36 months+
  • Handmade from wood
  • Tools can be displayed on the left side of the bench in the 3 large storage holes, accessories can be stored on the bottom shelf
  • Requires assembly

Was a little bit gutted as this was the first stand I went to that they had given all the 200 free each day goodie bags away 🙁  Was not too bothered about the items inside it was the fantastic canvas Nuk bag that I had my eye on as a fan of them wanted to show that world all about NUK brand but none left.

Headed over to another brand I am crazy about and wanted to visit as this was the first time at the NEC for the outstanding brand I do rave about its DIONO UK

About Diono

Diono is the ideal solution for today’s “on the go” family, with state-of-the-art product designs that combine safety and convenience so that every family excursion can be the enjoyable experience it was meant to be.
Diono has worked to solve the real worries and hassles that parents face every day. Our first product, in fact, was born from a small but momentous family discussion following a documentary which demonstrated the consequences of improperly secured car seats in collision situations. Within the year, the purposeful kin had created a prototype that would come to be known as Mighty-Tite®—the world’s first and only seatbelt tightener—designed for ease of use and dependable peace of mind.

Bought X2 Dionos dry seat –

Softly padded, waterproof protection that keeps car seats and strollers dry. Whether it’s a wet swimsuit or a toilet training accident, Dry Seat makes travel more comfortable and stress free for everyone. Now you can have greater peace of mind knowing that your car seat is protected. It’s a must have for toddler training.

This car seat protector provides a plush, waterproof cushion between your child and the car seat upholstery. Machine wash and dry.



We as a family have won some amazing competition from them and would like to thank Diono for all their products plus amazing service and for brining lots of joy and happiness to our little family . Just look at our family car thanks to them 🙂

Mamas & Pappas stand – Lots of promotions & offers but also the chance to win 1 of 4 Pushchairs you just filled in your information to be entered but also you got a bag with money saving offers and a £5 gift voucher to spend in store.


Over on the Prima Baby & Pregnancy Magazine stand they had goodie bags -Collect your goody bag packed with freebies for mums and mums-to-be and two issues of Prima Baby & Parenting Magazine – all for just £2.


Could not believe the amount you got in the bag just take a look !

Wow oh wow I was so impressed as in previous show ie the baby & toddler show the bags you got where shocking was nothing for a toddler at that show but this one had lots to offer.

I do have a few ideas of my own for the goodie bags as think they should have one for new babies and another goodie bag for toddlers as some of the items you can’t use like the nappies in new-born no good for my two as I have a two year old boy and a four year old girl.


Showing off their new Jumperoo which I have to say was not nice at all was way too big and bulky, especially if you are in a small house with limited space.

Think the people at the stand might of thought I was mad as just cold not help going up to it and saying to my partner Jonny “why oh why”.

This was on our first look round so wanted to take a break and head over to get a bite to eat as all of us were so hungry.

They had a few cafes dotted around the event all of them busy we did end up at one, but had to take our food out and sit around the side of the show , was a lot more than you would normally pay for food was four of us so very pricey to eat at the show.
Food was nice though with some good choice for me being a vegetarian.

Very good facilities for baby changing they had  SAINSBURY’S LITTLE ONES BABY CHANGING AREA-
Looking after your little one’s comfort is essential, which is why buying the right nappy is so important. At Sainsbury’s, our Little ones nappies boast everything you want, including a sensible price. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s why you’ll love them, too.

• All our Little ones nappies have the ‘Tested & Recommended’ seal of approval from mums and dads who have rigorously tested them at home.


• Our nappies have been carefully designed to keep baby dry day and night – so you can avoid those little leaks.


• Made with stretchy waistbands, our nappies keep baby snug and comfy.


• With easy-open tabs on each side, changing baby is a breeze.
• Our dry fit nappy liners feature a light coating of vitamin E to help protect delicate skin.

Tommee Tippee are proud to bring you the Tommee Tippee Feeding Area, providing all you need to feed your baby as easily as possible during your day.
The area also includes seating suitable for the whole family, bibs, spoons and food courtesy of Plum Baby.

Was not impressed this year by the staff at the Tommee Tippee feeding area as later on in the day the kids needed to be fed again on late evening. Went up to get two pouches for the kids only to get my head bitten off by the lady stocking the food she said to me in a rude manner- “errrrrrrr what you doing its one per person” so I replied back “sorry I did not know was only getting two as I have two kids”, she looked at me and then said again no its one so put the other back. I was so shocked and a little shaken as I had to pick between my daughter or son having some food !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy was no happy at all, needless to say never when back to that stand.

Vertbaudet –

Had Prize Draw over on the Vertbaudet stand also free face painting for the kids.

All in all we had a fantastic fun filled super day,highlights have to be Diono uk was so good to meet them in person I am very privileged to say I can call them my social network friends.  Thank you to the Pr team at the baby show for letting our blog Precious Little Worlds report back to you on the show.

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