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We are working in conjunction with BritMums and are asking about our kitchen stories, so I thought this would be a good opportunity for viewers to get a little insight to our kitchen.


First of all we are a family of four that is made up of me Hannah & my hubby to be Jonathan with our little two monkeys Millie and Alfie. As you can imagine very busy times in the kitchen.

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. And we have to say we believe it’s so true. It does not matter if your kitchen is small or large just remember its where your food creations are made.

I’m sure we all have memories of our mothers slaving over a red hot stove preparing our meals for us as a kid.

But I have to say now at days the tables are turning and men are getting much more involved as I know with my family , my partner do a lot more cooking than I do which I don’t mind as he does enjoy it.
Do find it funny sometimes we I pop into the kitchen and he is there preparing a dish and chatting to himself like he is Jamie Oliver 🙂

Gathering Place-

Morning, noon or night, the kitchen is the place to share meals, celebrate
special occasions or even grab a snack.

The smell of home-cooked food is just divine love how you can remember something or someone just from this.

You can even theme your kitchen so suite winter/summer months.

If you have a small kitchen and have limited space you could swap your knife block for a magnetic strip on the wall.

Accessorize –
Sometimes, you can just rearrange the accessories you already have to create a whole different look. It is recommended to group your accessories in odd numbers rather than even numbers. Different heights and textures are also attractive.
 I am the baker of the house my pride of joys has to be my baking mixer



Baking is a huge part for me in the kitchen it goes way back when my mum taught me how to back and now I have passed it down to my daughter.
Washing you does not have to be a problem we you have  Fairy Platinum tablets always a good one to have in if you have a dishwasher.


 Have fun and enjoy your kitchen!
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