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Disclaimer – I was sent a bundle of toys for free from  Bandai UK to review and report back my findings. This is my own true opinion.

First who are Bandai UK-

Bandai UK Ltd is a subsidiary of the third largest toy company in the world, Bandai Co. Ltd. Established in the UK in 1982, Bandai UK has grown to be the master toy licensee of some of the most popular properties in children’s toys and entertainment, including Power Rangers, Pokémon, Ben 10, Digimon, Gundam, Thunderbirds and original products including Badge It! and the worldwide phenomenon Tamagotchi.
Creating Diverse Businesses and Services by Capitalising on Characters’ Appeal
The Bandai Group makes the most of its extensive line up of characters, and offers appealing products and services in a wide range of fields including video game software, apparel, confectionary, visual content, amusement machines and prizes, mobile phone network content, and course, toys – a field in which we have a long history. We not only turn characters into products, but also launch these products in a timely fashion, in close association with TV and other media. It is our challenge to create new businesses by forecasting the needs of the times, and at the same time. Promote the appeal of characters in a multifaceted manner, so as to further reinforce our management foundation.
Characters with Long-Term Popularity and Multigenerational Appeal
Power Rangers, Digimon, Gundam…… The strength of Bandai’s character business lies in its ability to generate revenue steadily, by taking advantage of its flagship characters that continue to capture the hearts of many people of all generations. In combination with this, we have introduced character portfolio techniques, with which we are actively exerting efforts to achieve growth by nurturing existing characters as well as by creating new characters and original characters with the future in mind.
Appeal of Entertainment Spreading Across the World
As there are no boundaries when it comes to “dreams” and “inspiration” of people, the scope of Bandai Group’s business is boundless. The Bandai Group is enhancing the globalisation of its products in various business segments, including toys, video game software and visual entertainment. Take Power Rangers a brand with huge worldwide popularity.
We are dedicated to presenting characters’ appeal in the form of high-quality entertainment to people around the world, tailored to each country and region.
The Bandai Group has exerted its efforts in finding and nurturing promising characters, and has gained substantial experience since it identified the potential of the character business more than 30 years ago.
The Group’s experience and expertise serve as the backbone of our relationship with corporate partners such as copyright holders based on trust, and have helped sustain partnerships, create new characters based on collaboration, and form business alliances with leading companies aimed at complementing and expanding our businesses.
Our recent partners include: 4Kids Entertainment, Disney Consumer Products, DIC Entertainment, Universal Studios Consumer Products, Warner Bros and Sanrio.
In September 2005, Namco Ltd. and Bandai Co. Ltd. of Japan merged to become the Bandai Namco Group. Global interests encompass five strategic business units (SBU’s): toys and hobby, amusement facilities, video game content, mobile content, and visual and music content.

So now you know a little more about the brand and what they do lets get started on the items up for review.

X1 Locksies Designer Room Playsets
X1 Ben 10 Humungousaur
X1 Ben 10 Omniverse Heatblast
X2 Ben Ten Mini Figures

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Locksies Designer Room Playsets- RRP £29.99 4+

Get creative with Locksies! These stylish dolls and Play sets come with
everything you need to use your creative flair to make a stylish and cool
room!Build, style and accessories to create the ultimate bedroom or living room
for your Locksies dolls!  Use the wrap and lock technique to decorate the
furniture and then choose materials to insert along the top of the wall frame to
hang curtains. Set includes 7 pieces of fabric, 2 ribbons, stylus,
interchangeable furniture, wallpaper design and a sheet of decorative art pieces
to add that finishing touch to your room.  The Slumber Party Bedroom comes with
Elli Locksies doll and the Living Room comes with the Kari Locksies doll.



Colours and styles may vary.

This is so perfect for little girls such as my daughter Millie, who is 4 years old. Millie loves dolls also with her having disabilities as her Hdrocephalus, it’s hugely important to us as a family to keep her involved, plus her concentration skills as they are very poor due to her illness.

First impression- the packaging very colourful plus bright, very eye-catching sure would get my daughter looking.

Open opening you do find each item is individually wrapped was a little frustrating as Millie was very keen to get them all out, but it was taking some time to get them all out.

Setting up-

I did find it a little confusing as the picture on the box was not the same as what was inside as they vary so had to look at the incrustations. I did have a few pieces left over but I think that’s because you can add others onto it.


Millie and I did wonder where the dress was for the doll then it soon came to me that when looking at the incrustations that it was one of the small patterned clothes ,Millie got so excited and very giddy when I showed her what to do. It was
so nice to see her engaging and keeping her concentration putting the little dolls dress on. You wrap the piece of material around the doll, then you take the yellow stylus and press the ends into the grooves at the back which locks it into place.

I had never seen anything like this before and have to say was very impressed,how unique is feature is !

You can also change your dolls outfits as and when if you so wish. Locksies dolls are smaller than Barbie ones at 15cm tall, which I think is nice as they could go into small dolls house that you have.

Millie had a fantastic time interacting with the Locksies range even using her own imagination.


  • Very eye-catching ,dolls have lots of good features to them as you can play and do up their hair.


  • Integrative and lets your child bring their own creativity


  • Clothes and accessories galore ,lots of options


  • Can make bigger as you can attach more rooms on


  • Unique  lockable feature with styles


  • Packaging can get a little frustrating as they are all individually wrapped, especially if your kids are helping out


  • Can be a bit fiddle putting together


  • Can add up to a lot of money spent as there are lots of sets

To sum up –  Locksies are a valuable way for young girls to explore and transform  dolls and scenes into their own style also letting their creativity run free.

Ben 10 – Omniverse 15cm Action Figure – Humungousaur

With his incredible strength, the Ben 10 Omniverse Humungousaur Action Figure RRP of £13.99 –  is more than a match for any foes that cross his path. He even has the power to change his size at will, and comes with the infamous Dr Psychobos to test his awesome throwing powers. This poseable figure is 15cm tall  and includes an exclusive enemy character for Humungousaur to fight. Suitable for kids aged four and up.

My son Alfie is only 2 years old, so a little too young for this item but Millie is over 4 years. Definitely a boys toy for sure.

Packaging Good very easy to open instructions included, I placed the tail onto the back of the figure, then put the enemy’s head onto Humungousars large hands.  You hold the tail down with one hand, then flick the latch with the other to watch the head fly .

The first attempt me and the kids did not go very well but after a few times got into the swing of things but I have to say as a parent, I would not be happy paying £13 for a toy such as this, Not sure its just me but did not see the point of this toy! But saying that Millie & Alfie could not stop laughing as the head went flying over.

I do think it is a toy more suited to crazy fans of the show and more of an age of 6 years.


 Ben 10 Omniverse Figure: Omni-Plasm Heatblast bonus set

Heatblast character – has the ability to generate blazing heat from his body. He can breathe fire, create explosions and is hot enough to melt metal.

I do have to say Alfie loved this as your Heatblast figure can be made to stand up or sit down you can even move the arms and legs, which is a good feature ,also as this is a bonus set you get a smaller figure that you can battle with but this one does not move.

Alfie had so much fun pushing Heatblast down the slide, I can definitely say these ones and so worth it for is will be giving it a rating of-

                                   ben 10 mini figures series 1

These great Ben 10 Mini Figures RRP £1.99 are the perfect pocket money treat for fans of
Ben 10. The item for sale is: Ben 10 Omniverse Mini Figure Series 1 (ASSORTED)
Step into the miniature world of Ben 10 and collect these cool Omniverse Series 1 figures.
<>Each pack contains one of the mysterious characters from the Ben 10 Omniverse TV show. There are 16 different mini figures to collect, including Kevin, Benwolf, Fast Track, Clockwork and more! There’s even a rare Kevin model too that’s complete with a silver finish.

Please note: Sold individually, only one supplied

Wow as a parent, I did find it a little spooky & odd, did not think they are that badly priced at around £1.99 would rather my kids spend their pocket money on this than sweets that’s for sure.

I can see how exciting boys will find them lots of fun, plus battles when you add to your collection. Age range is spot on being 4+ as they are small.

Packaging very good as only one foil back.

The only downfall I see with them is you could end up with lots of duplicates but can swap with friends.

Rating of –

I would like to thank Bandai UK for letting our blog review a selection of their toy range.

Look forward to all your comments & thoughts to the items have reviewed.

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